Chapter 17

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//Prims pov//
I sit in shock as tears drip down my face, I smile over at Gale and he is using the same expression as I am.
"I'll leave you two alone" the nurse says. As soon as he leaves the room I jump into gales arms and he twirls me around in the air.
"A boy and a girl" I cry.
"A little me and a little you"! He says letting me down.
(Later that night)
"meet me at the panel in 10 minutes" Gale texts to me.
"Okay..?" I answer.
I change from my scrubs into a ivory farm dress, and let down my hair.
//Gales pov//
I can feel as if I sweat through my suit as I wait for Prim.
I stare down at the table decorated with a fancy dinner for prim and I, the panel programmed with pictures of the districts for Prim to enjoy.
She soon walks in and I stare at her and smile.
"You look beautiful" I say and walk over and hug her. She embraces me and thanks me and we both sit at the table.
"My favorite how did you know"?! She says and stares at the dish of shrimp scampi.
"I have my ways" I laugh, and shake to pull the papers out of my pocket.
"Speaking of my ways" I say and place the tickets on the table.
She picks them up and her jaw drops.
"Gale! You shouldn't have" she says and places her hand in mine.
"We leave tomorrow afternoon" I say and intertwine our fingers.
How will I ask her?
"How was work" I ask her biting into the pasta.
"It was good, I had to do emergency surgery today" she says eating a piece f shrimp. "How was work for you" ? She asks me.
"It was good" I lie, I didn't even go. I had to plan this all out.
We finish our dinner and I take her outside. Yes outside.
We sneak up the stars and out to the forest that was lit by only white lights.
Fire flys dance around popping up between the trees. I bend down on my knee and let out a sigh.
"Primrose" I say and she looks down at me, I grab her hand and focus into her big Hazel eyes.


"Will you marry me"?

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