Chapter 8

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//prims pov//

"We should go" I say pulling away from Gale and staring at the sewer one last time. The crew waits ahead not noticing the hug between Gale and I.
"As long as your alright"  Gale says walking beside me.
"I'm good" I say looking up at him and give him a slight smile.

I follow the rest of the squad down a black marble sidewalk that leads us to the hovercraft.

"Okay soldiers grab you're stuff and head to the capitol" Mitchell commands.

I hurry in the hovercraft and grab my bag trying not to make any eye contact, not even with Gale. I could of saved her, but I didn't.
I run out of the hovercraft with my bag and follow some of the soldiers  to the main entrance of the Capitol.
"Good day soldiers" Commander Paylor greets all of us.
I nod my head respectively and give her a little smile.
She leads us all down a hallway and leads us to our rooms, and mine of course was next to Gales. I unlock my room, and hurry to head in, "Hey Prim can we talk" Gale asks from my right.
"Sure" I say opening my door, without looking at him.
Pastels of purple and pink flooded the room. A crystal chandelier, a gold door knob, black marble fireplace. It looked like a princess's room.
I take off my boots and place them outside the door way, like my mother always told me to do and Gale follows.
"Prim you know it's alright".. Gale speaks up.
"It's not, I could have gotten her back, if I just tried harder, she did so much for my sister, that atleast I could have saved her" I tell him on the verge of crying.
Gale steps closer to me, as we are only inches apart.
//gales pov//
I start to shake a bit inside and out, not knowing why but it must be good.
"It's okay" I tell her, and put my hands on her wrists rubbing them slowly.
"You'll be okay, we will be okay" I say pulling her close and placing my lips on hers.
//Prims pov//
My heart starts beating fast as Gale lays his soft lips on mine. He lets go of my wrists and places his hands on my waist. I move my hands up his body then wrap them around his neck. As Gale pulls away I smile and bit and smile back at him.
"We will be okay" I tell him.
He smiles and pulls me closer for a more passionate kiss.

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