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Chapter 17 part 3 ( (Kearstyn Pov) Last update for this story)

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I mean, yeah they are my friends, but I just love having a house to myself.

Especially because that means........YOUTUBER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I began to call every youtuber i know.

By morning, the house was trashed and there were you tubers all over the house( some were even in the backyard in liz's doghouse).

I stumbled down the stairs and got myself some breakfast.

I tripped over a couple and a couple tried to trip me.

I fell, punched them and got back up.

I poured myself a bowl of cereal and kicked out most of the youtubers.

I let a select few stay. I walked up the stairs and went into Liz's room.

I looked at the posters of her favorite youtubers.

I walked into kait's room.

The same thing.

I walked outside.

I had this feeling that I was missing something, but I couldn't place what.

And then, it hit me.

All of the sudden, I knew what it was that I was missing.

The end ...............For now :-)

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