Liz POV sorry it took so long

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I stood ther shocked how the heck does a freaking 73 pound elf  eat that many tacos!!!!!!!!!????????? I mean i ate like 2 of mine then she eats the rest........ whatever all this thinking made me tierd.

"And with that im taking a nap!!!" I yell as i run back to the house and do a dive onto the biggest couch in the living room. People come back in side and sierra uses Pewds credit card to pay for a clean up crew as kait puts the camera away.

"Sleepover in the living room" Kait declares as she goes up to grab pillows and blankets.

"Sierra grab my stuff while your up there or else" I call as she goes towrd the stairs.  She makes a dying animal noise and heads up stairs. In about five mineauts we are all around the room some on couches some on the floor trying to decide what to watch.

I want to watch Harry Potter but kait wants to watch Narnia. So i thretened to dye her hair pink put it in a pony tail then put her in a pink girly dress and post the pics on facebook....She then declares we will have a Harry-Potter-a-Thon.

"Wait harry Potters wearing a thong??" yells Sierra. Me4 and Kait shake our heads and start the movie.

...................................From this point on there will be five mistakes look for them......................................

By the fourth movie everyone was asleep but me and Sierra so we drew on everyones face then teamed up on kaits face soo it would look......ummm........beautiful. Then we crashed Our FIRST MISTAKE. 

We woke up to someone yelling a native war cry LOUDLY. That person was none other than kait, me and sierra looked at each other before we got up and ran to the kitchen... MISTAKE TWO letting her know we were awake..MISTAKE THREE there are knives in the kitchen.

She was wiatin for us in there wearing a crazed look that, combined with the marker, had me and sierra on the floor laughing.MISTAKE FOUR laughing at her.

"Wh-what do you want ?" Sierra stuttered in a scared voice I face-palmed. MISTAKE FIVE asking her what she wants...





Sorry it was late alot has happened lately.



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