Chapter 14: Kaits POV

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*That night*

The phone starts to ring. I climbed out of my bed and grabbed the phone.

*Phone conversation*


"Kaitlyn listen, we need to talk"

"Nice to talk to you too liz"

"Do you think that we should go"

"What do you think"

"I think that we shouldn't"


"I'll miss them too much"

"You are making this so hard"

"Fine, what do you think"

"We should go"

"Then let's go"

"Ok, do you wanna call her or should I"

"You should, I don't have very good people skills"

"Ok, see you tomorrow"



"Don't ever call me again while I'm sleeping"

"I'll call when I want"

"Ok, bye"


*End of conversation*

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