Kait's POV

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"Oh no" Liz shouted

I was standing in front of them with a baseball cap on. All of a sudden the door shut behind them and locked.

"How did she do that" Liz whispered to Sierra

"OMG, SHE'S A WIZARD" Sierra yelled

Liz face palmed. I started to give them a jacksfilms creeper smile and pointed to the rope, that was connected to the door.

"We'll die your hair back" Liz pleaded as she pointed to my head

I took off the cap and pointed to my hair. It was the same dark brown it always was. I continued to not say anything, and still give them the creeper smile.

"The marker is gone too" Liz said as she pointed to my face

"Oh no, I drew a unicorn on her face" Sierra yelled, "why Tim why"

"Forget about Tim" Liz yelled, "what are you going to do to us"

Liz and Sierra started to back up. I pulled duck tape out and still had the creeper smile.

"Ow" Liz shouted as she turned the knob and it shocked her, "how long have you been planning this"

"Did it open" Sierra asked

"Yes" Liz said sarcastically

"Then why are we standing here"

"It didn't open"

Liz saw a laptop opened on the table. She looked at it.

"The pictures are gone" Liz yelled

"There wiped off of your phone too" Sierra said while pointing to it

"We're dead" Liz said as I walked toward them

*a few hours later*

I smiled as I finished putting the last strand of duck tape around them. I was duck taping them to the wall. I wiped my hands together and sat down at the dinner table. Felix walked in.

"I like them better that way" Felix said as he made himself a bowl of cereal

I smiled and started to eat.

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