Kearstyns POV

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*this is my first chapter so please forgive me*

I walked to to the kitchen and as soon as Kait saw me, she screamed. "AHHH! BE GONE FOUL BEAST! How long have you been here anyways?"

" Kait, I've been here literally the entire time. I have no idea why you didn't notice me before now but seriously, I'm not a beast." 

"I probably haven't noticed you cause I've completely blocked you from my mind."

"Oh gee. I feel the love. What happened to them." I said pointing to Liz and Cece.

" Oh. They drew on my face."

"Ah very nice. I like them better that way."

"That's just what I said." said Felix as he came up to me for a high-five.

"Rejected." I said as I got some food.

"Jeez, do you just help yourself? Asked Kait.

"Yes. Yes I do. I'm hungry OK. if we were at my house, you would probably eat my mom out of house and home."

" No I wouldn't."

"Yes you would." Said Felix as he walked over to us.

" Kearstyn can you make bacon?" asked Kait.

"Yeah. Then we can through it at CeCe and Liz.

"YAY!" shouted kait

Hey guys. Sorry that this was really short. I will write more next time. See you later.


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