Chapter 1 LIZ POV

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Liz POV:

"Ring the effing doorbell stuppid" I yell at Kait. Then the door flew open.

"Thats just a stiker Felix put on the door to trick people" Marzia said.I then ran overr and hugged her.

"I cant belive you didnt tell us that Marzia was your best friend then you didnt tell us this is where you where taking us" Kait complained as we went in side and set our stuff down.

After we got settled in We decided to go to McDonalds. When we got there we got food and sat down. When we were eating three guys dressed as birds walked in. After a mineaut of  them running around they took thier heads off. I didnt even think about it untill i recognized one as Tyler.

Without thinking i ran and hugged him, He stumbled a bit but we didnt fall. "I'll take that as my cat missed me" he said teasignly.   I pulled back just enogh to bop him on the back of the head. He chuckled and held me closer again.

After we ate we headed back to Marzia's place I ran to the bathroom and got ready for bed.

The next morning I woke to Seirra screaming about bacon demons, so i slapped her and went To get ready We ate breakfast then posted a vlog. After that We decided to go to wall mart.

When we got there we all ran to the toy isle. Some of us grabed hula-hoops and the rest of us grabed the giant bouncy balls.

"Hey watch this" Seirra yells as she throws a hluhoop up in the ait the wwhen it comes down to her hieght she tries to jump through it, but instead she ended up face down on the ground.

We all fell to the ground laughing.

Then a sucurity gaurd comes runnig at us with three behind him. Sceince me and tyler are the only ones that noticed this we look at eachother i silent agreement. 

This is why  we were always the only ones to get away in the past, we left the other hanging.

As we ran we relised that one of the sucurity gaurds was following us. Running out of wallmart and down the street, til we reached an ally that Tyler pulled me in to.

 As we stumbled into the ally i crashed into his chest his armms went around me as my hands rested on his cheast. There were many things running through my mind  many questions i wanted to ask but right now i was content to just be a laughing mess in his arms.

Okay here it is i hope its okay 



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