Chapter 17 part 2 LIZPOV

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(The day before)

After we took kaits oreos i headed two streets down to the apartment Tyler was staying in. I had decided to tell him about the tour. About five minutes later i was standing out side the door. I went to the plant by the door and got the key to the door and walked in. "I'm coming in" I yelled out.

"Of course" he said rolling his eyes as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Me and Kait are going on tour" I blurted out. His face was priceless id laugh if i wasn't nervous all of a sudden, wait why was i nervous?!

 "Oh..." He said.

"Oh.. that's really all ya got thanks for the support" I said sarcastically sitting on the leather couch.

"Well if you don't like my answer then tell me what to say" He said quietly.

"We need a new plan..." I whispered half hoping he wouldn't hear it but of course he heard, he always heard. 

"Yeah' He said sounding defeated.

"Okay so how about this..... Goodbye" I said standing up.

"What do you mean?" He asked..

"I'm leaving I'm saying good bye...... to you. So goodbye." I said.

"When you coming back?" He asked.

I gave him a smirk  "Just say goodbye........And don't count on me coming back unless I'm just passing through" I said quoting what he had said to me before he had left our small hometown.

"Goodbye" He said and just before i left i herd it "Elizabeth". I whipped around really fast at the mention of my real name.

"What?" I asked softly.

"Just wanted to see if you even remembered your full name" He said quietly. I nodded before heading back to the house. What does that even mean of course i knew the name......UGH!!!

Slowly i realized something..... I was once again leaving to a new place.... 

Only difference.... It was a bigger stage i was going to.

Okay so yep that happened

Quick question...... do you like Liz and Tyler together ..... cause ya know they are knida over....



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