Kaitlyn's POV

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As we were going down the street, back to our houses, I stopped.

"What are you doing idiot" Liz yelled as she stopped too

I turned around and ran back to the cave. Liz sighed and than ran after me. Everyone else ran after Liz and me. Once we got back to the cave I stopped in front of it. There was Indiana Jone's dead body in front of it. I bent over and grabbed his hat and his whip. I put the hat on my head.

"Ewwww, don't touch that" Liz shouted

I grabbed his torches and his satchel and then went into the cave.

"We are going to get lost" Sean said as we entered the cave

"No we are not, as long as we place torches then we'll be fine" I said as I placed a torch

As we got deeper into the cave all of the torches went out. I turned around and looked at everyone.

"Now we're lost" I said

"Really" Sean yelled, "you could have planned this out more"

"It's me, we all know I don't think" I said as I lit a torch

"Great now were lost" Sean said

"Were to now boss" Toby said

"No where but........" I started to say

As I walked forward I fell down into a hole.

"No where but down" jack finished my sentence, as he jumped down the hole after me

Everyone else jumped down but Liz and Sean.

Liz sighed, "if we don't go down there, we will hear about it later"

Liz jumped down the hole. Sean sighed and then jumped down after her.

"Ewww I'm covered in mud" Liz complained

"Awe now Tyler won't take you to prom" Sierra said

"What prom" Liz shouted while trying to get the mud off of her

"I don't know it was a figure of speech" Sierra said

"Look, there's a light" I said as I got up and put my hat back on

I started to run towards the light. Once we got to the end of the hall, all it was, was a dead end with a torch on the wall.

"Now what Dora the explorer" Toby said

"Well, lets take this torch and then......... head the other direction" I said

I reached out my hand to grab the torch. I wrapped my hand around the torch and then pulled. All of a sudden the floor opened up from underneath us.

"Really why does this keep happening" Liz yelled as we landed

"Ow, something is poking me" Sierra said

"What's that" I said as I pointed to the middle of the room

"No it can't be"

"It is"

"What is it" Toby said

"It's a treasure chest" I said

"Well open it" Liz said as we approached it

I put my hands on the lock and tried to open it.

"It won't open" I said while pulling harder

"Let me do it" Liz yelled

Liz smashed the lock and then stepped to the side. I grinned and then opened the treasure chest.

"We're rich" I cheered

"Move" Liz yelled as she pushed me down

"Look at all of this jewelry" Liz said as she pulled it out of the chest

"Look at the ground" I said as I put the flashlight light, on the ground

"There's more" Liz cheered

"Sean, jack, and Toby, go get your cars, because we need to get every single last piece of treasure" Liz said as she pushed him

"If I find out that any is missing I will come after you, I know how much treasure is here" Liz said, "I counted it"

*two hours later*

We had finally filled the last car with the last bit of treasure. We got into the cars and then drive back to Felix and marzia's house. Liz put all of the treasure in the basement. Liz counted all of the treasure and then came back upstairs.

"Good it's all here" Liz said as she closed the door and locked it

"Wait that won't keep everyone out" I said

"What will then genius" Liz said

I ran up to my room and made a sign. I grabbed the sign and some tape and then ran back downstairs. I taped the sign to the door. The sign read: "beware of wild Liz" and it had a picture of her on it. Liz hit me.

"There now everyone will stay out" I said with a smirk

"You guys are so mean to me" Liz whined

Liz put the key into her pocket and then we walked away.

Author's note: hey guys thanks for reading sorry this took so long ( please forgive me). the next chapter will be written by the third account owner Sierra so show her some love on her first update. ok guys thanks for reading. stay toasty my friends.

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