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As soon as kait and the rest left the room i took out my pocket knife and cut  me and seirra down. "Okay so the plan is you go and get revenge on kait and I will get revenge on Kearstyn."

She raised her hand and said" Question what is revenge?".

I was actually shocked how could she ask that question. "Just go and do something mean to kait to get back at  her." I said  exasperated. 

We parted ways and i went to follow kearstyn as she walked back into the woods...HUGE mistake.I grabbed rope from the shed and continued to follow her. "Liz i know your there" She said.

"Good" i said and be fore she could turn around i grabbed her arms and tied her to a random tree. 

"Let me go you moldy cheese ball!!" She yelled.

"Nope now i got to get revenge on Felix" I yelled before i started to run for the house.

I got in side to see Sierra siting at the table" What did ya do to kait?" I asked.

"I ate her Oreo and made sure she couldn't get more then tied her to a lawn chair so now she is outside" She said.

"Good job young grass hopper but now the final thing we will set up as many bobby traps as possible before going and hiding in wall mart so when Felix Kearstyn and  Kait get back they will have a fun time" I said grinning evilly.

One hour and 5 whipped cream cans ,3 rolls of duck tape and a sprinkler later we were ready to head for our safe place to watch what would happen. You see we  out up a couple cameras and also made it so that it would go straight to my laptop and we could watch everything live.....

Que evil laugh now Mwhahahaha.



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