Kait's POV Chapter 11

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We were walking back to the house when Felix stopped us.

"Do you think that they left traps" Felix asked

"Nah, they aren't smart enough to do that" I said

Kearstyn walked ahead and set off the first trap. She was hanging upside down with whip cream all over her.

"I guess they are" Felix said

"Haha" I laughed as I watched kearstyn swinging from side to side in the door frame

"Get me down" Kearstyn yelled

"Nah, I'm good" I laughed

All of a sudden a vehicle pulled up. A lady in a Business suit got out of the vehicle.

"Which one of you is kaitlyn" the lady said as she looked down at her card

"Who wants to know" I asked her

"Hollywood, we're here to make you famous" the lady said, "hi, I'm Carrie, and I'm here to make your Hollywood dreams come true"

"Like an agent" Felix asked

"Yeah" Carrie said,"which one of you is kaitlyn"

"I am" I said as I stepped forward

"Is Liz here also" Carrie asked

"I'm here" Liz yelled as she ran out of the bushes

As she ran she set of one of her traps. The trap missed her by an inch. the trap was a bear trap.

"That was close" Liz said as she approached us

"Were you trying to kill us" I yelled

"No just mortally wound" Liz said

"So are guys up for it" Carrie asked us

"Hey, what about me" Kearstyn yelled

"Sorry, can only take two people" Carrie said

"We can't just leave" Liz said

"Yes we can, by fire elf" I said

"Hey" Sierra yelled

"Oh wait, we can't leave" I said

"Why not" Carrie asked

"I'll miss Felix and Marzia too much" I said as I hugged Felix

"What about us" Kearstyn yelled

"Nah" Liz said

"I feel the love" Kearstyn said

"You girls have two days to decide goodbye" Carrie said as she walked away

"Wait" I yelled

"Yes" Carrie said as she turned around

"Will we get to meet all the hot YouTubers" I asked

"Whatever your hearts desire" Carrie said as she drove away

"Now what" Liz said

"I don't know about you, but whenever I am upset I go to Dairy Queen" I said

"You always go to Dairy Queen" Sierra yelled

"I know" I said as I started to walk

"I'll drive" Felix yelled

"Ya" I yelled

"Marzia will pay" Felix yelled

" Oh no I won't Marzia yelled as she followed us

We got in the car and drove away.

"Hey, what about me" Kearstyn yelled as she was still dangling from the door frame

"Do you feel like we forgot something" Liz asked

"Nah" I replied

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