Chapter 16; Kearstyn POV

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So I walk up to the door and expect to hear good news. Instead, all I hear is that Liz and Kait are leaving me.

I mean yeah I want the house to myself, but still. And I know they won't be gone that long. Even so, I would miss them. But anyways,

I went downstairs and helped them pack their food. When Kait walked up with her suitcase, she said that she couldn't get it closed.

"What did you put in there?" I asked.

"I'd rather not say."

"Kait, what is in that suitcase?"


I tackled her and ripped the suitcase out of her hand. Thirty packs of oreos came flying out.

"Hey! That took me 5 minutes to pack!" she shouted

"I should have known that all you had packed was oreos. Kait, you need an intervention. I'm going with you when you go to repack to make sure that there are no more oreos."

"But Kearstyn-"

"I don't want to hear it. Now go. I will be up in five minutes."

She trudged of to her room when Liz came out of the kitchen.

"Quick she's gone! Take the oreos!" shouted Liz.

"You touch those oreos I will kill you!" screamed Kait

"Let's get them quietly."  I said

"Good idea." said Liz.

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