Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader- by kuuinimei
Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x kjxllbxrg;
YouTube is life for you. You always stop by at YouTube everytime if you feel depressed or just simply, sad. You always dreamed to become a YouTuber. What if, your dream...
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After Ever After (PewDiePie x reader fanfic) by kuuinimei
After Ever After (PewDiePie x kjxllbxrg;
Sequel of Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader-.
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Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader) by beg0neth0t
Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader)by tasha
(Sequel to 'Posion') Life contiunes for (Y/N) as they progresses with her toxic love-hate relationship with Sean, things only get more hetic with their friends as feuds...
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I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Exactly What You Need {NatePat} by SoniethDragon
I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Sonieth
Highest Ranks: #1 in Cristina #5 in Gametheory #18 in NateWantsToBattle #4 in NatePat #6in MatPat #5 in Natemare Nate had met Matt once in his life. It was when he was...
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You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier}by Kel
The first time was a mistake; Jack swears by it: It was a convention. They were drunk. Jack and his girlfriend were fighting. Mark just looked so good with his new hairc...
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Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian Hecox fanfiction ) by someawkwardgirl
Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian someawkwardgirl
Hailey has a lot of trouble in her life as she tries to go through them with her cousin... She meets Ian and they become really close, but she needs to go back to her ho...
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Vanossgaming X reader (DISCONTINUED) by Whyshouldyoucarebro
Vanossgaming X reader ( Julie
Thehider is the most famous female youtuber ever. With 30 million subscribers or she calls them Seekers. Yet she is friends with so many youtubers like the crew. What if...
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PewDiePie x reader One Shots by kuuinimei
PewDiePie x reader One Shotsby kjxllbxrg;
A collection of my PewDiePie x reader one shots! Decided to write one shots often starting from now on. I randomly update when I feel like it. Note: Most of my one shots...
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Just sum random photos  by AwkwardRoaster
Just sum random photos by ~Awkwardness
Just some photos in my gallery, and the things I do and watch/read, because yep, I'm a nerd. 🤓 Eh, there is a lot of stuff about the BBS in there, some anime will be th...
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The Heroes' Kids by LazyCakez
The Heroes' Kidsby §øđå
THE SOON-TO BE A SERIES(NOT TV) The heroes have kids.....and the villians too.They go on CRAZY adventures and situations.There r soooo many characters,like WOOOH But i w...
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Welcome to the Markiplier Manor! by Moody_Louise
Welcome to the Markiplier Manor!by Moody_Louise
It's been four years since you've last seen your dear brother Mark. You decided to go to his manor a week for a vacation. You have a odd feeling though, what if Mark isn...
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Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepie by CLBrierley
Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepieby C.L.Brierley
Luna Minty Carolson, or Minty as she is called by many, is a lively and happy ten year old who has lived a good part of her life in an American orphanage. What happens w...
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Don't Mess With The Yandere   Markiplier x Pewdiepie x Jacksepticeye x You by shooplopashook
Don't Mess With The Yandere *blocked number*
*HEAVY EDITING* just dont read it, i know its bad. (i don't like this story in the slightest but every one else did so, let's keep it up)
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All The Way by a_nameless_shipper
All The Wayby Fly.
Sean McLoughlin had just moved to Los Angeles because of his mom's job. The move was a big change from Ireland. High school wouldn't be all that bad, however. There were...
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Subscribe to Pewdiepie by i-m-n-ass
Subscribe to Pewdiepieby Jasmine
T-series close to catching up with pewds. We must not allow that to happen. We must fight back. I'm doing my part in the Great Subscriber War by copy and pasting the...
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Adopted By Youtubers (Complete) by CoolKat24
Adopted By Youtubers (Complete)by Coolkat
Alika is a regular girl. She is a only child and her parents are never home. One day things go wrong and her parents don't come home, and she doesn't either.
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Story of my Life by youtubenub247
Story of my Lifeby .
Ashley- a teen who is left to herself after her parents die Felix, Mark and Jack- youtubers known by most the world What happens when these two different worlds collide?
  • mark
  • crankgameplays
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Daddyplier by RealLiteralPants
Daddyplierby RealLiteralPants
Little Y/N woke up in a hospital after a car crash in her mother's car. She lost her mom and her father abandoned them and she's left to fend for herself at an orphanage...
  • bob
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Trapped in my Mind (PewDieCry Mad!Cry fanfic) by Scar0990
Trapped in my Mind (PewDieCry Scarlett
  • cryaoticmonki
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adopted by pewdiepie a savior by DawnWhite254
adopted by pewdiepie a saviorby DawnWhite254
when a little girl named Terra is in grave danger of being terribly abused in a orphanage who comes to save her no one but the one and only pewdiepie her savior
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