YouTuber Smuts by daddynestor__
YouTuber Smutsby Wilford’s bitch
⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️A bunch of different smuts of YouTubers including: -Jacksepticeye -Markiplier -CrankGameplays -Tyler Scheid -PewDiePie -Team Edge (Matthias, Tanner, G...
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Markiplier Smut Stories. by supermarkimoo13
Markiplier Smut supermarkimoo13
This is a collection of Smut stories that include Mark and/or Dark and (you) read if your interested.
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Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader) by beg0neth0t
Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader)by tasha
(Sequel to 'Posion') Life contiunes for (Y/N) as they progresses with her toxic love-hate relationship with Sean, things only get more hetic with their friends as feuds...
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  • jacksepticeyexreader
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I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Exactly What You Need {NatePat} by SoniethDragon
I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Kat
Highest Ranks: #1 in Cristina #5 in Gametheory #18 in NateWantsToBattle #4 in NatePat #20 in MatPat #7 in Natemare Nate had met Matt once in his life. It was when he wa...
  • matpat
  • nathansharp
  • sean
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I meet Jacksepticeye ?   by Fangirl1Matti
I meet Jacksepticeye ? by Fangirl1Matti
You were standing in line to meet Jack. ( I won't spoil the story by writing to much ) You character has my personality and your name, so this might not describe you bu...
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Just sum random photos  by AwkwardRoaster
Just sum random photos by ~Awkwardness
Just some photos in my gallery, and the things I do and watch/read, because yep, I'm a nerd. 🤓 Eh, there is a lot of stuff about the BBS in there, some anime will be th...
  • idk
  • mylife
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After Ever After (PewDiePie x reader fanfic) by kuuinimei
After Ever After (PewDiePie x kjxllbxrg;
Sequel of Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader-.
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  • pewdiepie
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The Heroes' Kids by LazyCakez
The Heroes' Kidsby LazyCakez
THE SOON-TO BE A SERIES(NOT TV) The heroes have kids.....and the villians too.They go on CRAZY adventures and situations.There r soooo many characters,like WOOOH But i w...
  • wow
  • avengers
  • deadpool
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Don't Mess With The Yandere   Markiplier x Pewdiepie x Jacksepticeye x You by shooplopashook
Don't Mess With The Yandere shooplopashook
*HEAVY EDITING* just dont read it, i know its bad. (i don't like this story in the slightest but every one else did so, let's keep it up)
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Adopted By Youtubers (Complete) by CoolKat24
Adopted By Youtubers (Complete)by Coolkat
Alika is a regular girl. She is a only child and her parents are never home. One day things go wrong and her parents don't come home, and she doesn't either.
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•YOUTUBER IMAGINES• !!! by Potatosstrikeagain
•YOUTUBER IMAGINES• !!!by Fat pig :))
IMAGINES OF : -jacksepticeye -wiishu -pewdiepie -cutiepiemarzia -markiplier -peebles -shane dawson (mostly shyland) COVER BY ME
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Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepie by CLBrierley
Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepieby C.L.Brierley
Luna Minty Carolson, or Minty as she is called by many, is a lively and happy ten year old who has lived a good part of her life in an American orphanage. What happens w...
  • youtube
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  • accident
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••Youtuber Imagines•• **DISCONTINUED** by dimpledtae
••Youtuber Imagines•• ** pina
A bunch of Youtuber Imagines for your Fandom Obsessions.
  • captainsparklez
  • joeygraceffa
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Forgettable (JacksepticeyeXReader)  by ItsRosie_xoxo
Forgettable (JacksepticeyeXReader) by ItsRosie_xoxo
Everything had fallen apart, the only things you have left is Youtube and a roof over your head, even though to people that own it abuse you. Your whole family decides...
  • cut
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Overprotective Brothers 《Discontinued》~~Markiplier little sister~~ by lgarcia05
Overprotective Brothers 《 Ava Hernandez
This story is about Y/n and her brother is Markiplier. She lives with him since their parents got kidnapped and murdered. Now Mark is every overprotective of his littl...
  • amyiplier
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the winchesters by kranafistlink
the winchestersby kranafistlink
you meet the winchesters. that's all I'm going to say
  • angels
  • supernatural
  • cas
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High School Suck  (Cry x Pewdiepie) by LonelyBluePanda
High School Suck (Cry x Pewdiepie)by LonelyPanda
This is story of Cry and Pewdiepie how they met in school. Warning: This story have abused and violence and swearing and lemons.
  • bxb
  • felixxcry
  • cryaotic
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Remember Me by PlacentaMilk
Remember Meby L☹VE
"We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?" ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一❀.°•*•°✾.* • °♡ °•❀ A PewdieCry story. Re-written, Let's Be Insane Together is the original story. ©...
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A lost neko....( pewdiecry by Baby-Cry
A lost neko....( pewdiecryby Bbycr1
Neko meets a boy and a drunk ass boy meets the neko Cry is the neko Pewds is the drunken boy This is a yaoi . A pewdiecry . and all that stuff with a touch of cry cest...
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