Chapter 3 Liz's Pov

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I dragged Tyler out of the candy store probably as red as a tomatoe. I leaned up against the brick wall beside the door.

"They are so mean to me" I whine.

He laughed "Its their job ya know" He said teasingly. 

After that  He picked me up and carried me piggy back to the park. When we got there he set me down on a bench. I sat there and pouted.

"What now?" Tyler asked with a sigh.

"You are all mean to me me and i could have walked." I complain. He looked at me for a second then did the most enexpeced thing.

He lugnged torwd me and wrestled me to the groung before tickling me.After my laughs are strangled and silent he lets up and laughs.

I jump up and run as fast as i can. After a little bit he caught me and the prosses started again.

We run and talk and play around for hours after a while we rest in the grass it must be like midnight.I rest my head on his stomache as he plays with my hair.

"We should head back soon " I yawn out.

"Yeah" he yawns back.

Thats the last thing I remember.

I wake up and relise we are still at the park.I check  my phone, its 5 in the morning.

I turn and wake Tyler up.  We hurry back to the house to find Everyone asleep in the game room with  Call of Duty screen still on. We walk into the kitchen for breakfast to see Marzai and Felix sitting at the table.

"Yep" I say.

"But not too much fun right." Felix said rasing his eyebrows.

"OMG NO NO NO" I scream relising what they are saying.

They all busrt out laughing. Just then  sierra and kaitlyn come running in with frying pans and the everyone else following looking half asleep.

"We are here to fight the evil" They say.

"The only evil in here is Felix and Marzia being mean to me" I whine.

They look at eachother and shrug be fore sitting down for brekfast.

I sigh and sit down next to Tyler.

Why did I chose them as friends agian ? I ask myself.

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