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I cant be live that just happened! Honestly since i got hooked to you tube I've wanted to be YouTube famous but this..... this was that and more.But to leave everyone behind.... It would just be me and Kait I would have to leave Pewds and Marzia (at least for a while) along with Tyler then to leave Sierra and Kearstyn behind..... We have ran the channel while spred apart for like vacation but this is different.

This opportunity is defiantly big and once in a lifetime ill have to talk to Kait. In dairy Queen we gave our orders and while the rest were ordering i went over to a both pulling Kait with me. "I think we should go" I blurted out.

"Yeah but what about the others?" She asked.

" Why did she chose us?" I question.

"I don't know" She said.

"We should just go for it its not like this will happen every other day and we can do videos for the channel and they can do their own together. We will be fine." I said.

"What about leaving them behind they are our friends and what about Pewds, Marzia, and Tyler" she said.

We will talk to them but i don't want to regret not doing this, later im gonna call the lady and tell her yes." I said.

Just then everyone came I decided to wait till tomorrow to tell them but we goofed around while we ate icecrem.

"I tell ya Kait is trying to make me fat!" I announced as I finished my ice cream.

Of course everyone laughed at me....... The one thing we all forgot the booby traps where still set up so of course as soon as we walked into the house we were trapped and covered in whipped cream.... OHH JOY!!!!



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