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We just finished brekfast and Kaitlyn is trying to teach me call of duty. Breakfast was hillarious when everyone came in i toold them we had to say grace and only Tyler, Kaitlyn, Sierra, and I knew what was going on and all the city people had to follow our lead it was hillarious.

"Stop hitting that button" Kaitlyn said pulling me back into the present.

"Sorry" I say sarcasticly earnig me a glare from Kaitlyn.

"Well lets do somthing before you two rip eachother faces off." said Tyler.

Me and Kaitlyn turned and glared at him as he threw his hands up in surrender.

"Wow" Sierra said "Just wow".


And thats how we got to hanging upside down in cave.

Well sorta.

 We decided to go on a walk through the woods after a while of fighting. 

"AHH BUG" yelled sierra.

"Your from the country DEAL WITH IT" yelld kaitlyn. 

"Why did we bring them" I whisper.

Tyler just laughs and we keep walking.

After a while i see somthing slither up ahead.

"AHH SNAKE" I scream.

Tyler looked at me like i was stupid then he bent down and grabbed the snake and started chasing me with it. We ran for a little till i saw a cave and slipped inside. BAD IDEA

As soon as i stepped inside somthing came around my ankel and then i was suspended in air upside down. 

"HELP" I say.

Tyler was the first one there soon followed by everyone else. they took one look at me and burst out laughing.

"A little help" i say. everyone takes a step forward but just like a cartoon they were all grabed and susspened in air.

We tried many times to get out but couldnt so we just sat there sining random songs. 

Then Tyler yells "I know what to do. He grabs out his pocket knife and cuts us all down. 

"Did you have that the whole time?" I asked. 

"Maybe" he said.

I smaked him and we walked out of the cave.

"Lets go on a tresure hunt Idiana Jones style" Yelled Kaitlyn

"Or we can just go back do a skit and go to bed" i say.

After a while kaitlyn agrees and whiness the whole time we walk back to the house.

Sorry i didnt get this done sooner



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