Chapter 2 (no way I finally updated it) Kaitlyn's POV

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It was midnight and sierra and I finally got out of jail (and when I say finally, I mean finally, we put up a good fight).

"I can't believe she ditched us" Sierra said angrily

"Oh well, lets go to the candy store" I said sounding like a little kid

"We don't have any money" Sierra said

"I know where to get some" I said

*a few hours later*

"LIZ OPEN YOUR WINDOW RIGHT THIS SECOND LITTLE MISSY" I yelled while throwing rocks at Liz's window

Right as Liz opened her window, I threw a rock, and it hit her face.

"Which one of you nimrods threw this" Liz said while holding up the rock

"You nimrods better have a good reason for waking me up at midnight"

"We want money" I yelled

"Pwetty pwease"

"How old are you guys again" Liz said

I held up three fingers. Liz sighed.

"Fine" Liz said

"Ya" Sierra and me yelled

Liz got dressed and went down stairs to meet us, "it's midnight why do you need candy right now"

"Why do YOU need candy" I yelled

Liz shook her head, "you guys are stupid", "one more question, why did you guys throw a rock at felix and marzia's window, when you could have used the door, you guys have a key"

"We do, oh yeah we do" Sierra said

"Plus using the front door wouldn't have been as much fun" I said

Liz glared at me.

"You brought the money right" Sierra said

"Oh course I did" Liz said

"Ya, I'm getting pixi sticks and gobstoppers" i said

"I'm getting chocolate" Sierra said

"And I'm paying for it all" Liz said

"Yes, yes you do" I said

We continued walking until we got to the front door. Liz went up to the door and opened it. Sierra and me ran inside almost trampling her. we grabbed a bag and started filling it as full as we could. Liz shook her head.

"Those two are so immature sometimes" Liz thought to herself as she grabbed some hello kitty gummies

Next thing we knew three men walked into the store.

"It's my boyfriend" Sierra yelled, "hi Sean"

Sean slowly turned the other way.

"Your not leaving me" Sierra yelled and chased after him

"Great Toby, jack, and Sean is here they can pay for your candy" Liz said

Jack smiled "of course we are, that's what we're here for right"

Jack grabbed my bag of candy.

"Hey that's mine" i said

"I'm gonna pay for it, weirdo" jack said

Sean grabbed sierra's to. once they paid for it they handed it back.

"Thank you" Sierra and me said

Just then Tyler walked in.

"Oh hey babe" I said sarcastically

"Shut it, that's my line" Liz said

"We're going to the park" Tyler said

"Anybody else want to go"

"No me, jack, and Toby are going to play Call of Duty at my house" I said

"Have fun nerds, what about you Sierra" Liz said

"No me and Sean are going to McDonald's" Sierra said

"Lets go Tyler" Liz said as she dragged Tyler out of the store

"Well there goes Liz" I said

"Oh well" Sierra said

"Lets go Toby and jack" I said

Later on me Toby and jack played call of duty all night, Sierra ate with Sean, and nobody knew or cared where Liz went. she probably got lost or something.

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