Chapter 4 Kaitlyns POV

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I woke up the next morning with my head on jacks chest and my feet on sierras head. I rubbed my eyes and then sat up. Sierra woke up and pushed my feet off of her face.

"Get your feet off of me" Sierra said

"Awe your no fun, don't u like my feet" I said

Next thing we knew we heard screaming.

"Sierra, Liz is in trouble" I said while springing up

"So" she mumbled while lying back down

"It gives us a chance to be super heroes" I said

She sprung up, "lets roll"

We grabbed the thing that was nearest to us (in this case a frying pan) and ran into the kitchen.

"We're here to fight the evil" Sierra and me said

"The only evil here is Marzia and pewds being mean to me" Liz whined

"Awe she's worthless" Sierra said

"I just wanted to be a super hero" I whined

We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I pulled out a chair and sat down. Sierra sat down too and then we ate our breakfast.

"I have a big announcement" I yelled

"What that you're stupid we all know that" Liz said

"No, I have a YouTube channel" I said

"Haven't u had one for awhile now" Sierra said with a mouthful of bacon

"Yeah but since I have over two million subscribers, they gave me a partnership" I said while grabbing a piece of bacon

"Good now you won't have to steal my money" Liz said while eating some toast

"Good job bro" Felix said

"Yeah now you go to the big parties with Felix" Marzia said excitedly

"She'll get killed at one of those parties" Liz said

"Felix will be there" Marzia said

"Yeah, do u think I'm not man enough" Felix yelled

"Shhh you're going to wake up jack,toby,and Sean" Sierra said

We laughed and then ate the rest of our breakfast. we got and then went to go get dressed. I put on my cryaotic shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and my blue hoodie. I grabbed my phone off of the bed and then went down stairs. Liz was standing downstairs pounding on the bathroom door.

"Come on Felix, you're as bad as a woman sometimes" she yelled

"What's up" I said

"Felix, he's taking forever in the shower" Liz pouted

"I got this" I said

I grabbed a smoke bomb out of my hoodie and threw it into the bathroom. Felix came running out of the bathroom.

"Thanks" Liz said as she went into the bathroom

I went down into the living room and saw everyone sitting around the tv.

"What are we doing today" I said

"We could go bowling" Toby suggested

"What are we a normal group" Sierra said

"We should go play laser tag" I suggested

"Or we could go this new amusement park that just opened up" Liz suggested while sitting down beside me

"Yeah I heard that they have a tilt a whirl there" toby said excitedly

"Yeah they have a laser tag tent there too" jack said

"And a ferris wheel" Tyler said

"Ok let's go" I said

We jumped up and ran out of the door.

"Jack is driving" Liz shouted

"I call shot gun" I yelled

"How did I get stuck doing this" jack said as he pulled out his keys

Once we got there we all ran straight to the tilt a whirl. we got it spinning so fast. we went on it twelve times. After that we went all of the rest of the rides.

"Lets go do some laser tag" I suggested as we sat down to take a break

"Yeah let's go" Sierra said

We got up and played laser tag. In the process me and Sierra teamed up on liz. Finally Liz got mad and quit. Finally it was midnight and Liz wanted to go ride the Ferris wheel.

"Come on" Liz whined

"Fiiiinnnnnneeeeeee" I said

Liz grabbed my hand and pulled me to the Ferris wheel because she knew that I would have abandoned her. Liz and Tyler rode together and everybody else filled up the rest of the seats.

"Look everybody looks like ants" I said

Suddenly it stopped.

"Ahhhhh we're all going to die" I yelled

"Calm down it stopped for the fireworks" jack said

"Oh........... ahhhh we're all going to die but now with fireworks" I yelled

Jack laughed and watched the fireworks. The fireworks were finally over so they let us off. Liz and Tyler were holding hands (gag). me and Sierra ran to the car and locked Liz and Tyler out of it.

"Let me in right now" Liz yelled

Jack unlocked the car.

"Awe you're no fun" I pouted

We rode back singing the wheels on the bus.

"This isn't a bus" Liz said

"No duh surlock" Sierra said

We got back and we got out of the car, told the guys goodnight and ran into the house.

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