Chapter 15 Liz POV

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After me and kait broke out of jail we went home but I coundnt sleep. Was it really the best idea to go on the tour? Ugg! finally I gave up and called kait, who helped me be sure about the tour then promptly threatened me about her sleep. 

I got up at 7:45a.m. " Time to call the lady cause ya know Kait don't do the whole talking to real people thing" I mumbled under my breath. "Am i really talking to my self?" I shook my head and got my phone to call.

"Hello this is Carrie how may i help you? " came a professional voice.

"Sup it is Liz me and Kait have decided to come on the tour." I said.  

"Great Now the tour starts in a month you have teo weeks until we start practiceing and getting ready ill set up a meeting and we can go through the details" She said.

A few minuets later we said goodbye and i went to open my door to see Kearstyn standing there. "Your really going?" She asked

"Yeah but don't worry it will work out and me and Kait will try to get you guys on tour with us" I said.

She nodded and we talked about some random stuff until we went downstairs to find some food.

Love Liz

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