Chapter 17 part one: kait's POV

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I ran up stairs and grabbed my backup suitcase.

"They think there so smart" I said,"they'll never take my babies"

I opened up the suitcase and looked through it. Yum mega stuffed.

"What are you going on about" Liz yelled

"Nothing" I said as I hurriedly threw the suitcase back into the closet

Liz opened the door.

"Hungry" Liz asked

"That was a stupid question" I said

"Taco bell" Liz asked

"That was also a stupid question" I said

"Come on let's go I'm starved" Kearstyn yelled as she burst through the door

"Who's driving" I asked

"I don't know" Kearstyn said

"Pewds could" Liz said

"He went out on a date with Marzia" I sighed

"We'll walk" Kearstyn said

"Forget it" I said,"im not going"

"Why" Liz asked

"I'm not walking" I whined

"Fine starve" Kearstyn said as she walked out the door

"We can't leave her" Liz said

"Why" Kearstyn asked

"She'll destroy the house" Liz said

"Now what" Kearstyn asked

*A couple minutes later*

"Weeeeee" I yelled as Liz pulled me in the red wagon

"Why are we doing this again" Liz asked

"Because you had to be mother Liz, and couldn't leave her alone" Kearstyn said, "personally I would have locked her in a closet"

"So" Liz said

"You guys are really leaving" Kearstyn asked

"Yep" Liz said

"Yeah, I told everybody I was leaving first chance I got" I yelled

We got to Taco Bell and ate. Then it was another trip back to the house. Once we got home kearstyn stood beside my bed and watched me pack.

"You can't pack those" Kearstyn said

"Why not" I asked as I held up a pack of Oreos

"You don't need them" Kearstyn said

"What if there's a zombie outbreak and we need food"

"We die then"

"That's a real nice thought kearstyn"

"I know, I try"

"Bed" Liz yelled as she walked through the door

"You're not my mom" I yelled

"Bed" Pewds said as he walked through the door

I rolled my eyes and went to go change.

"Haha" Kearstyn laughed

"You guys have to go too" Pewds said

"Grown-ups ruin everything" Kearstyn complained

We went to our rooms and went to sleep.

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