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Six years later...

The day that we left Moonlight Pack and Noah brought me to my parents grave I had made a promise, to myself and to my parents, that I would be happy. For so long I had let my parents' death, my mom's suicided stop me from being happy. In fear that I would lose myself in my relationship, in fear that one day I would get hurt. Little did I know, I would find myself in Noah.

Noah, he was nothing like my father, pushing me to be a certain way, pushing me to change my beliefs on the roles of she-wolves. Noah let me be strong just as much as he let me be weak, independent just as much as I was dependent, a mother just as much as I was a working woman.

As long as he was there to do all the cooking I would do the cleaning. It didn't matter what other people thought of our non-traditional ways, he would love me no matter what.

"Ugh," The mini me groaned as she threw her artwork in the trash. Just like her momma, she was passionate as ever when it came to her artwork. If it wasn't what she deemed perfect it would end up in the trash.

"Ivy, I'm sure it wasn't that bad." I rubbed her back, affectionately. 

It was only a year after my uncle's death did me and Noah begin trying to get pregnant. It was difficult at first, constantly getting our hopes up, wishing that I wouldn't get my period, only to get it anyway. It put a strain on our relationship to the point where we had agreed to stop trying and wait for the Moon Goddess to bless us with a pup.

It was a drunken night after a pack barbecue did we finally conceive. Finding out that we were having a girl came as a complete shock. Most Alpha's had males during their first pregnancy, but we were nothing but excited about finally having a child. The pack was less than please over Ivy being the future Alpha of the pack, which Noah immediately shut down, allowing anyone against her future leadership to leave the pack. We lost three pack members that day, me flicking each of them off as they hightailed off our territory.

Ivy came into this world at 3 a.m. and have yet to stop taking our breath away. She was beautiful, the girl version of her father, only getting her blue eyes from me, talented in art, singing, and dancing, and a natural born leader like her father.

"Yes, it was." Rolling her eyes, she went and got another piece of paper. Her attitude being another thing she had got from me, at first it annoyed but after some time I came to the conclusion that it would be the perfect attitude when she took over as Alpha, she would be not only physically strong but mentally as well. The only difference between us was despite her attitude she was a lot more outgoing than me, she constantly had pups in the pack following her around wishing to be her friend. 

"Daddy will love it either way."

"Only if it's amazing." Ivy was 100% a daddy's girl. When it came to her daddy everything had to be perfect. The perfect Christmas gift to the perfect birthday gift, so it was no surprise that her Father's Day gift had to be nothing less of perfect. The gifts that she gave me were nice, but nothing compared to her father's, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous.

Leaving her to finish her artwork, I walk around the classroom checking on my other students. For the last few years, I had begun teaching art in the pack. At first, I was just teaching in the pack house, but recently Noah had built me an art studio that I would teach out of.

I made pretty good money from it and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I would teach the pups after school and adults either in the morning or the evening. I had even started doing Paint & Sip, where adults in the pack would come paint while drinking wine, it was a nice date night for mated couples. And I of course still did my own artwork which I would sell during my annual art shows. I was truly living the life that I always wanted.

After my class was over Ivy and I headed back home. Taking her unfinished work she headed straight for our now shared art room, while I made my way to the kitchen to heat up dinner. Being that I was the worst cook to walk this earth, Noah had come up with an idea that would work for the both of us. He would cook all our meals either earlier that day or a day before hand depending on how busy he was. When I came home from work I would heat it up and set the table just as my mate walked in the door from his long day at being an Alpha. 

"How are my two favorite girls?" He kissed Ivy and I's cheek before taking his seat across from mine.

"After my first class, I picked Ivy up from your parent's house then went back to class." Because I worked in the morning on certain days his parents would pick Ivy up from preschool and when my class was over I would go pick her up from their house where I would have to endure insults from Ivy's grandmother. I, of course, wouldn't back down, but it was still beyond annoying to have to deal with it.

"Later." He mind linked me. He hated when I talked badly about his parents but he hated it even more when it was done in front of Ivy. Despite his mother's bad attitude, he didn't want it to affect Ivy and their relationship. I understood it but it did nothing to render my hate for that despicable woman that he called mother.

"Fine." I agreed finishing up my food.

Ivy filled her daddy on her day at preschool, while I finished the dishes. About time I was done, Noah had been getting her ready for bed while I took this as the perfect time to take a shower.

When I was done I walked back into our bedroom to see Noah lying down on the bed. When he saw me wearing nothing but a towel, but growled pulling me towards him pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

Just as I deepened the kiss, he pulled away. "I've been thinking..." He smirked, "How about we begin working on baby number two." He said as his hand landed on my flat tummy. 

"Noah!" I rolled my eyes, seeing as he had asked me this question every day since I had given birth to Ivy.

"I know I asked you this all the times-."

I cut him off, "You mean every day."

He went on ignoring my comment, "But I really do want to have another child. You promised me at least three."

"I didn't say when." I counteracted.

"True, but now is a perfect time. Everything is going perfect in the pack, Ivy has just gotten bigger and more independent than ever, and she's been quite clear about wanting another sibling and... I really miss your pregnancy boobs." He said making me laugh.

"Are you really prepared to deal with my crazy hormones again?"

"What's the difference between any other day?" I slapped his chest.

"You're not funny."

"I'm hilarious. So, what do you say?"

Placing my hand under my chin, I pretended to think about it despite that I had already made my decisions. "I say... Yes, if you get me a really nice push present."

"Done." With that, he ripped my towel off me throwing it to the ground. "Get ready for a long night."

I had a career that I was proud of, an amazing child, a mate who worshipped me and a future bright as the sun. I couldn't be more than happy and couldn't want to share my love with yet another child. 

Kehlani:  Hold Me By the Heart 

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