Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen


We had arrived back to the pack house a little after noon. During the whole car ride, Ellie refused to talk to me, using her music to block me out anytime I tried to start a conversation. I honestly didn't care that she was upset, me and my wolf was just happy that she was back in our presence safely.

When we parked I carried her luggage up the stairs as she followed behind me, with her earphones still plugged in. "Ellie can you stop ignoring me please." My wolf and I began to get annoyed that she was still ignoring us after all this time. When she didn't respond I sat her luggage down and went to rip the earbuds from her ears.

"What?" She rolled her eyes at me.

"You hungry?"

"No." I sighed annoyed at her immature behavior. "We're having dinner with my parents soon," I told her as she sat on the bed and removed her shoes.

"Do we have to do that today?" She groaned lying back on the bed.

I couldn't understand what her problem was before I left Vegas we were getting along perfectly, she had even suggested that I stay another day. From my point of view, we were making progress, clearly, I was mistaken.

"Yes, they've waited long enough."

She ignored what I said and walked into the bathroom. I followed behind her. "Can we please not argue and fight. Having you home is what's best, otherwise, there's a risk of someone taking you...Again."

"Anything is better than being here." She said loud enough so that I could hear.

"I'll ignore that because I know how much you enjoy pissing me off." I paused as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom, "I'll give you some time to relax but we're having dinner with my parent's when they get back."

My parent had gone to the pack's cabin that was located at the edge of our territory right after I had left to get Ellie from New York. While it was quite dangerous to be that far from everyone else I knew they needed the alone time. Plus, I had constant patrol going on and if something happened and we were too far away I knew that my father could protect them until we got there.

"Fine." She grumbled.

I was half expecting her to argue with me but I damn sure wasn't about to push my luck. I was about to turn and head down to my office to have a meeting with Adam when she called my name. "Yes?"

"I'll go to dinner with you and meet your parents and pretend to be the perfect mate-."

I cut in. "I sense a but."

"-But I want to go visit my family."

Did she seriously think that I was gonna let her leave when she just got back, not mention the rogue's attempt to kidnapped her? "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Only for a couple of days. I miss them." She pouted. I knew she did it to try to convince me to let her go but I couldn't help but admire how cute she looked.

"You just got back," I argued.

"So." She shrugged. "I promise I'll be the perfect mate."

"I'll think about it." The offer did sound tempting but I knew that I would say no in the end. I just said that so that she would drop it and we wouldn't have to continue on with this argument.

"Well think fast, if you want me to make it to dinner with your parents." She threatens me.

With a smirk, she walked passed me and left our bedroom. I quickly followed her and found her in the living room watching reruns of SVU.

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