Chapter Twenty-One: Resisting the Need of Her mate

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Chapter Twenty-One: Resisting the Need of Her mate


Waking up in the packhouse was irritating, to say the least. With there being dozens of people in the packhouse none of them believed in sleeping in or showing respect for those that did. Showering and changing into a pair of random clothes that I brought over, I packed my things up hoping that I could return home as soon as possible. Leaving the room that I slept in I hunted down the one person that had contact with Noah at the moment considering he had blocked me out for most of the night and morning.
Finding Adam in Noah's pack house office, I opened the door not bothering to knock before entering. "When is Noah coming back and when can I go home?" I slammed the door shut ignoring the compromising position that he and Natalie were in.

"Um, Hi," Natalie stood up from his lap and pulled her dressed down.

"Hi, Natalie," I internally rolled my eyes while repeating my promise to Noah in my head, "Adam?" I eye him waiting for him to answer my question while Natalie left the office with her head down in embarrassment.

"Noah has requested you stay here until he returns." He replied just as Natalie had shut the door behind her.

I tap my foot, impatiently, "Which will be when exactly?"

"This afternoon." He replied opening his laptop and typing some things down.

"Fine," I agreed, "Can you please have him contact me right away?" When talking to him last night and hearing how worried he sounded about raiding the rogue's house left me in a frenzy. I tossed and turned half of the night with scenarios of him being hurt stuck in my mind.

"I don't know if that will happen, but he is expected to be here soon."

"Why can't I talk to him?" I asked not bothering to hide my irritation.

"He tends to block people out when he's traveling, it helps him concentrate on his surroundings." Adam further explained.

"Whatever," I replied, understanding what he was saying but at the same time being angry with the lack of contact between my mate and I. Leaving the office I headed into the kitchen, there were a few people in there but as soon as I entered they left through the other door. Not giving one fuck I made myself some scrambled eggs, toast covered in Nutella, and a glass of fresh orange juice and headed back to my temporary room.

When I finished my breakfast the house was much quieter giving me a chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep.


"The Alpha has requested you home." An older she-wolf shook me awake.

"Okay," I replied annoyed that I had been woken up and even more annoyed that Noah hadn't come and got me himself. Too lost in my thoughts and needing time before been reunited with Noah I made up the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I was done, I pack up my things and was escort home by a few younger wolfs.

"Noah?" I called out when I entered the house. Him not answering lead me to sniff him out, he was sat in the living room chair with a glass of brown liquid in his hand. He aura gave off the fact that he was upset about something, my wolf whined and urged me to go to comfort him. "Is everything alright?" I asked walking up to him losing every ounce on anger I had with him.

Eyeing me he shook his head, "Two of our wolves died."

I couldn't even deal with my own feelings, how the hell was I supposed to deal with his. Feeling awkward I sat down on his lap and cuddled up next to him. It seemed to be the right thing to do because he wrapped his arm around me and placed his nose in the crook of my neck. "Thank you." He mumbled

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