Chapter Sixteen: Resisting the Mother-In-Law

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Almost a year since I updated this story but this story badly needed to be edited. Shout out to all the people that's been consistently requesting I update. Without further or do here it is.

Chapter Sixteen: Resisting the Mother-In-Law


"Kate just gave birth, and her parents were wondering if they could go visit her?" Kate was a previous member of the pack but at sixteen had met and mated to the Beta of The Moon Light Pack.

"Dammit, I forgot about that." I cursed knowing that if Ellie figured out that I let them go she would be pissed. "Ellie is still on edge about me making her come home, and that I let Elliot go hang out with Elliot."

"I can go as well, that will give me time to talk to Alpha Mason about coming to the pack retreat," Adam suggested.

"Good idea, but let's keep this quiet I don't want Ellie hearing about this."

"I doubt that she will, she doesn't interact with many people from the pack." He pointed out but chose to leave out the fact that she doesn't interact with anyone in the pack but me.

I nodded in agreement. "You're right, but still."

"Fine see you in a couple of days." Adam left my office and I went upstairs to find Ellie in the bathroom getting ready. Tonight was the night that she was finally meeting my parents. I was sort of nervous because I knew the bad impression that Ellie had already left on my parents, especially my mom who had already expressed her dislike for her despite having not met her. My mother was very traditional she had a set of rules of how a Luna and mate should act, and I pretty sure she disagreed with Ellie leaving and the fact that we weren't fully mated yet.

I could also tell that Ellie was nervous, she had woken up earlier than normal today and had been trying on different clothes and doing different types of make-up and hairstyles. My wolf and I were very pleased that she was taking this serious, unlike when it came to everything else.

"Ellie relax, everything is gonna be fine." I tried to reassure her even though I didn't believe it. One thing that both Ellie and my mother had in common was that they both said whatever was on their mind and having them both in the same room together was unpredictable.

"Is this too much cleavage?" She was wearing a low-cut red dress, with her cleavage on full display and I felt myself getting aroused by the sight.

Too busy admiring her body to answer, she rolled her eyes and went back into the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard her face timing Lily. Lying down on the bed I patiently waited for Ellie to return and after a few minutes, she emerged from the bathroom in a blue and white floral print knee length sleeveless dress, with a round collar. She paired it with white pumps and varies bracelets. She curled her hair and wore blue eyeshadow with thick amounts of mascara.

"You look beautiful."

"Thank you." She blushed. "You don't think it's so much?"

"No, you look perfect."

We met my parents at a fancy Italian restaurant. They had arranged for us to be in a private room so that it would be easier for them to get to know Ellie plus my mother never wasted a chance to show off her and my father wealth.

"Mom, Dad this is my beautiful mate Ellie." I gestured to her, "Ellie this is my father Steve and my mother Grace."

"Nice to meet you guys." Ellie waved politely.


"So Ellie tell me about yourself?" Grace asked me before I could even fully sit down.

I paused not knowing what to say. When it came to these types of questions it has always been difficult for me to answer. I could even remember going to job interviews and being asked the question and not knowing what they hell to say. "There really isn't much to tell. I'm the only child, and when my parents died when I was thirteen I moved in with my aunt and uncle who were the Alphas of my pack."

"And you're an artist correct?" Noah's father asked me.

I nodded, "Yeah, have been for most of my life."

"Hmm," Grace mumbled before taking a sip of her champagne. Not understanding her reaction, I turned to Noah who adverted his eyes.

"So, Mom, Dad how was you guys trip?" Noah asked looking towards his father and trying to change the subject.

"The trip was great," He father told us. "Next time we go on vacation you two have to come with."

"Pshh." His mate scoffed, "If they make it that far." She whispered.

I could have sworn Noah told her I was a wolf, even if he didn't she should be able to smell my scent so I have no idea why she would openly insult our relationship knowing that I could hear. "Mom!" Noah screeched.

"What?" His mom looked at him as if what she had just said wasn't insulting to the two of us.

"You know what."

Even though this was his mom and my mother-in-law I was struggling not to ring her neck. How dare she insult me and my mate like we aren't right here. I smirked, "Actually me and Noah are gonna last forever and have babies and then when you finally die we'll sell your organs for their college tuition." Steve growled at me.

Grabbing my purse, I abruptly left the table and stormed out of the restaurant. I knew what I said was harsh but she was being a bitch and I couldn't exactly control the words coming out of my mouth. Shifting into my wolf and ruining all the hard work I had done on my appearance I ran the whole way home, showering I change into random clothes and headed into my art room.

Pulling my hair into a bun, I then pulled out a palette and poured black and white paint onto it before begin a painting of a woman.

Pulling my hair into a bun, I then pulled out a palette and poured black and white paint onto it before begin a painting of a woman

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"Nice," I heard Noah say as he entered my art studio about an hour later.

"Thanks." I nervously rubbed at the paint on my hands. He didn't seem upset, but with Noah, I never knew what to expect.

The sound of his footsteps let me know that he was coming towards me, "You alright." He gently grabs uphold of my chin to force him to look up at me.

I forced a smile, "I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, sorry for ruining the day," I apologize because I genuinely felt bad.

"It was my mom's fault; she shouldn't have said those things."

"Yeah, but me wishing death on her was kind of terrible."

He smiled, "How about you finish up here while I make us dinner?"

My stomach growled, "I weirdly in the mood for tacos."

He chuckled, "Tacos it is."

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