Chapter Twenty-Two: Resisting the Possibility of Being In Love

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Resisting the Possibility of being In Love


"Ugh," I rolled my eyes at my wolf constant pleas to go to our mate. Since Noah and I had mated I'd become much needier than I had liked to be. For this past week, my mind was engulfed by him 24 hours and seven days a week. I constantly wanted to be around him, touch him, to know what he was thinking at all time. It was disgusting, to say the least.

"You have to stop sending me those pictures I was in a meeting," Noah told me as he dries off his body and begins getting dressed.

"I wanted your opinion." I blushed knowing that it wasn't the only thing I wanted. Every time I felt too needy and Noah didn't show me any attention I would take the spiteful route and send him tasteful pictures with colorful words attached to them.

"And while I love them," He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me against him, "They're distracting." He kissed my mark.

"The good kind I hope,"

"The best."

Once we both were dressed we went outside to meet my folks who were expect to arrive soon. "Calm down," Noah squeezed my hand.

"Shut up," Wrapping his arm around me he pulled me against him, he scent helping me to calm down.

"It's okay to be nervous. I'm the first guy you ever introduced your family too."

"Wow, am I really that pathetic," I replied seeing as I was over the age of twenty.

"Absolutely not," He replied just as five SUV pulled up.

"Hey everybody," I greeted them with a hug as they got out of the car. "Hi I'm Ellie, I've heard so little about you," I glared at Ryan who failed to tell me that he had found his mate until the very last minute.

"Will you get over it already," Ryan said ignoring my glare as he took their luggage out of the car.

"Alex, nice to meet you." She smiled.

"You too," I smiled before going to hug my favorite cousin, "I missed you, Lily." While Ryan and Alex were staying for the next few days Lily, my aunt and uncle were only scheduled to stay for a day and had only come to officially meet Noah as my mate.

"I missed you too," Lily replied uninterested as she looked around the territory obviously looking for her boy-toy.

Walking back over to Noah who was helping Ryan get the luggage out of the car I gestured to him, "Everyone this is Noah, my mate."

"Can you be more awkward?" Lily giggled while typing on her phone.

"Can you be less annoying?" I replied annoyed with the fact that she had put me on blast in front of everyone. I know it sounds easy introducing your mate to your family but for me, it was hard as shit. It's not because this is the first time that I've ever introduce someone to my family, I glad I waited for Noah, it more so has to do with me.

The past few weeks I got to see that Noah was a really good person who I sure as hell didn't deserve despite the Moon Goddess putting us together. So, yes, I'm nervous as shit, because I wanted to take this as my chance to show my family and Noah that I could be a good mate and that I deserve him. We have so many people rooting against us. The pack hates me, with good reason but they still hate me, his mother hates me and having at least my family support us will make things a bit easier.

"I could, but then I'll be less fun." I rolled my eyes.

"How about we all go inside and get settled, our chef has prepared dinner for us." Noah interrupted our spat.

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