Chapter Five

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Chapter Five 


"...Luna of this pack and your mate."

Two things I had no clue on how to be. Yes, I had been brought up in an Alpha's home with both of my loving aunt and uncle but never in my life did I think I would be in this type of position. But I was definitely going to try my hardest.

First step: I need to get to know some of the pack members. Show that I am worthy of being their Luna.

I been here about 2 weeks and I still haven't even met a quarter of the pack members only Adam the Beta and Ethan the Gamma. But as of today, that was going to change.

I showered and put on a blue maxi dress with black flats. I curled my blonde hair and did the winged eye using liquid eyeliner before applying some mascara.

I walked downstairs to see Noah sitting at the island, drinking his usually morning coffee.

"Morning." He looked up at me surprised. "And where will you be going this morning?" I pulled me a cup of coffee.

"I want to go to the pack house."

"Really?" He looked to be surprised by this. Probably because I had never had an interest in going anywhere near anyone in the pack. I nodded. "Sure, we can leave in an hour, I have to check on the guys, make sure they're doing patrol."

I smiled over at him, "I'll make breakfast."


Smoke. It was everywhere. My eyes watered and my throat burned. How do you put out a fire?

Water. That's it. I grabbed a cup out of the cupboard and fill it with water before throwing it on the fire. Only resulting in the fire growing.

The front door was slammed open. "Fuck." I heard Noah yelled. "Ellie!" He ran into the kitchen. "What happened?" He said going under the sink and pulling out this fire extinguisher and spraying it on the fire, putting it out.

"I forgot. I can't cook." I answered sheepishly.

"Ellie you have to be more careful, you could have died!" He yelled at me.

"I know," I yelled back throwing my hands in the air.

"Then why would you do something so stupid?" He was shaking, seconds from shifting, but I didn't back down, and my wolf was just as angry.

All we wanted to do was make our mate happy. But now all we -me and my wolf- wanted to do was strangle him to death. Before I had the chance he walked away leaving me with only my thoughts.

After showering and washing my hair, I decide that I would put on some sweat pants and a random yellow shirt and lock myself in my room for the rest of the day.

This is why I didn't want a mate, well one of the reason. He thinks he can yell and boss me around just because he's my mate. No, that would never happen as long as I live. I'm still not even sure if this relationship is something I want. Maybe I should leave before things get worse.

'No,' My wolf growled. 'He didn't mean it; he was just angry.' She said as if that was a good enough reason for the way he yelled at me. At my old pack people never talked to me that way not even Ryan and he was the Alpha.

I feel like I'm losing myself here. I not happy, most of the time we're arguing anyways. What's the point, of having a mate if all you do is argue? I really not seeing the upside of having a mate.

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