Chapter Twenty-Four: Resisting the Fake Smiles

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Resisting the Fake Smile


"Are you on your way?" My mate asked for the third time in the span of 60 seconds.

"Yes, and since I am you owe me big time. I hate going to these things." Being that I grew up with Uncle Paul and Aunt Lisa as my parents I had to attend almost all the Luna or Alpha events just as Ryan and Lily did and I hated each and every one of them. People that hated each other had to pretend to be the best of friends and no one and I mean no one ever said what was really on their mind. Not to mention it was exhausting to constantly wear fake smiles and give unnecessary compliments.

"Anything you want, just please be on your best behavior. Love you." My heart skipped a beat just as he cut our link off. He loves me, assuming he meant more than a friend. But isn't 'love you' different from, 'I love you'. Being that I arrived at the pack house I didn't have any more time to overthink what his words meant.

"You alright?" Natalie asked as I entered the house, taking off my jacket and hanging it up. Natalie wanting to be the perfect Beta got up earlier today to fix up the packhouse so that it would be in good condition for the Luna and female Beta's. I, on the other hand, slept in with my mate and had a nice breakfast courtesy of him.

"Yeah, let's just get this over with."

Walking into the dining room where the others were my face immediately cover with a fake smile as I greeted all the Luna's and or Female Beta's. For those who don't know, I am Ellie the Luna of The New Elite Pack and I just want to thank you all for coming, I think it's very nice that we can all come together to deal with a much bigger issue than us all." Their nods of approval let me know that my years of watching my aunt give her fake ass speeches paid off.

The first Luna that I noticed was Elizabeth, Luna of the White Wolves and one of my aunt good friends. Despite wolves not aging like normal humans you could tell that she was a lot older than the rest of us. She was very tall and had dark brown wavy hair that stops at her shoulders and big brown eyes. She wore a long sleeved red silk shirt that was tucked into a black knee length pencil skirt. She paired the outfit with a pair of black six-inch heels. Normally Alpha's her age would have already retired but since they had some fertility issues they weren't able to conceive until just a decade or so ago. Their son Al, was just about ten years old and instead of being here was at home with his caregivers.

"How's Lisa?" She asked.

"She's doing well, her and my uncle were just here the other days," I said not bothering to go into detail about how their trip ended early.

"This is Kira, the Gamma of The NightFall Pack." She gestured to a tall redhead with hazel eyes. She wore a tight all white dress paired with red heels while her hair was pulled in a tight bun on top of her head.

"Nice to meet you," She said in a tone that sounded as if she didn't really want to be here either. And she isn't the only one.

"You too."

Next, I was introduced to the Luna of The Crescent Moon Pack. Her name was April and she was a much younger Luna, probably just a bit older than Natalie. She had light brown beautiful skin and long straighten light brown hair that reached her mid back. She wore a yellow floral lace scalloped skater dress and a pair of yellow flats. "Nice to meet you, you're so pretty." She pulled me into a hug. Her energy was way too much for me and once she let me go I instantly walked away only to run into her Beta, Nicole.

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