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Daddy's Little Boy by aestheticpixieprince
Daddy's Little Boyby aestheticpixieprince
Trevor is just about ready to leave for his first semester of college, but unfortunately for him, he never quite reaches his destination.
  • ageplay
  • drugging
  • daddy
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BOSS LOVE LESSONS [completed] by mightygoat
BOSS LOVE LESSONS [completed]by Mightygoat
Aomine Axton is smart, ruthless, arrogant and controlling. A CEO and a player who builds a hotel empire across the world, and owning the world's biggest chain of branded...
  • hot
  • possessive
  • controlling
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Run and repeat                My 5 vampire mates trilogy by allhorsesloveme
Run and repeat My allhorsesloveme
Adel, is a 14 year old girl with a life, yep! for all those people out there that say 'hey get a life!' well she has one, but you don't want it, one day Adel is out with...
  • resistance
  • one
  • hate
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invincible // poe dameron  by shorty_the_surgeon
invincible // poe dameron by ummm
(YN) is just a girl with a dream of fighting in the Resistance. But when her planet is completely destroyed and she's one of the sole survivors, she meets someone that c...
  • poedameron
  • pilot
  • starwars
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Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Brethren Series) by Layla-A-D
Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Layls_
In the year 2890 the planet earth has been overturned by supernatural species, werewolves to be exact. The revelation of a race other than humanity came with it the impr...
  • mates
  • dominance
  • challenged
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HIS   by Pfunzo18
HIS by Comicallymade
*******Editing****** Highest Ranking #40 in Chicklit 21/08/2017 Her body belongs to me. Inside of her is where I belong. She's being difficult but she will be mine. T...
  • flirty
  • romance
  • man
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Pull of the Moon by ShelbyGraceBooks
Pull of the Moonby Shelby Grace
I woke up once more in the strange room, but this time the Alpha man was next to me. At first, I smile at the sight of him but as soon as I regain my senses, I try to pu...
  • fiction
  • forbidden
  • dystopian
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A Cold Wind of Change by imastupididyut
A Cold Wind of Changeby imastupididyut
I saw him through the dust and rubble for the very first time and thought he was the hero sent to save me when I looked into his smiling eyes the very first time. We had...
  • sonja
  • isolation
  • rejection
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The Loner And His Bully by thatweirdotakubitcb
The Loner And His Bullyby thatweirdotakubitch
A sad and depressed nerd and a arrogant jock who's his bully, he cuts but nobody knows, what happens when said Jock and his friends find him in the bathroom washing new...
  • gayness
  • japaneseculture
  • dominance
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Kyber Heart - Poe Dameron x OC by FandomGirl42
Kyber Heart - Poe Dameron x OCby FandomGirl42
"The strongest stars have hearts of kyber." Nova Organa was quickly accepted and admired by most in the Resistance when she joined. She possessed her mother's...
  • kyloren
  • lastjedi
  • leia
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You Tempt Me ( Kylo Ren x Reader ) by therealsl1mshady
You Tempt Me ( Kylo Ren x Reader )by therealsl1mshady
What will happen when you are taken hostage from the Rebellion by the one and only Kylo Ren, and taken in as his apprentice? Will you turn to the dark side? Will he eve...
  • poe
  • adamdriver
  • bensolo
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A Tigers Love✔ [Completed] by linnhege84
A Tigers Love✔ [Completed]by Linn Hege
Leila and Kyle are twins and rare tiger shifters, their kind has been hunted close to extinction. Tigers are usually solitary animals who prefer to keep to themselves, b...
  • featured
  • girlxboy
  • pack
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TOY SOLDIER [IX] ▸ Poe Dameron by sunnatly
TOY SOLDIER [IX] ▸ Poe Dameronby ✧・゚*natalie *・゚✧
  • sunnatly
  • thelastjedi
  • bb-8
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"Les Corbeaux dans le ciel" by luciahanaret
"Les Corbeaux dans le ciel"by Junon
Je m'appelle Louise. Ou plus exactement "Louison". J'ai dix neuf ans. J'ai dû partir vivre chez mon oncle et ma tante à bourdun. Un charmant village dont mon o...
  • lovestory
  • passé
  • secondeguerremondiale
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covet  ➸ kylo ren (1) by kyl0ren
covet ➸ kylo ren (1)by kait
"The marks people leave are too often scars." - Lyra Escara had fulfilled her father's dream of becoming a Padawan learner at a very young age; as a small chil...
  • princessleia
  • kylo
  • resistance
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Battle Scars by Aimeelawho
Battle Scarsby Aimeelawho
Diana spent her whole life serving the First Order until the day she broke through the haze of their brainwashing. That day she decided to leave for the Resistance wanti...
  • fanfiction
  • wars
  • star
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'HARLEM' - {COMPLETED - EDITED} by InterracialChanelle
'HARLEM' - {COMPLETED - EDITED}by Yves Chanelle
#Romance #Urban. [18+] MATURE CONTENT. Harlem's life changes when she's given a fully funded scholarship into one of the most prestigious universities of New York. She's...
  • wattys2018
  • ghetto
  • resistance
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Too Late To Say Goodbye [Kylo Ren X Reader] by _Alien_Starlight_
Too Late To Say Goodbye [Kylo Starlight
Being abducted by non other than the First Order wasn't your idea of a miracle, but it happened and now you're trying your best not to get seduced by Kylo Ren. But desti...
  • kyloren
  • starwars
  • resistance
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Resisting the Alpha by AlexusXOXO
Resisting the Alphaby Alexus
When Ellie was just 13 years old, her father died in a rogue attack, her mother couldn't bear the pain of losing her mate, so she decides to take her own life, leaving y...
  • death
  • alpha
  • traveling
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A Light for A Light by ComfortableOP
A Light for A Lightby EpicBoi
Sans and Papyrus aren't brothers, they're both strangers. Papyrus, The Co-leader of the Royal Guard, Was also Joined in a meeting for the king's disappearance these past...
  • chara
  • papyrus
  • resisting
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