Chapter Three

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Chapter Three


"Ellie, wake-up." I groan in annoyance. This has far been the best sleep of my life and I'm not exactly ready for it to end.

'Because we slept next to our mate' My wolf purred.

I opened my eyes to see that I was pretty much laying on top of him. Really the first time we sleep together I throw myself at him. Not he's really going to think that I like him.

As much as we argued about my sleeping arrangements, I ended up in his room sleeping right next to him. It was okay to put it the least but I bet my left hand that it will never happen again.

When he saw the look on my face he let out a chuckle making me flush bright red. "Sleep well?" He asked.

"Not really...probably because I'm here." I rolled my eyes and rolled off of him so that I was now on the actual bed.

Ignoring the last part, he went into his drawer and pulls out a towel and a rag, "Go shower." He picked up my duffle bag that he must have got from my car and put it on the bathroom floor.

"Fine." I grabbed the towel and rag and headed to the bathroom. An hour later I was dressed in a pair of light jeans and a grey racerback top with black vans and in the kitchen eating breakfast that Noah had prepared.

"Are you going to get that?"

The doorbell had already ringed twice and he still hadn't answered it."Mmm, maybe you should." He smirked.

"It's your house, plus I wouldn't want to be rude and overstep my welcoming," I smiled before taking a bite out of my toast.

"Are you ever not difficult?" The doorbell rang again.

"Nope," I smiled.

I heard the door open before slamming shut," Do anybody know how to open a door around here? " A familiar voice yelled out. I put my toast down and ran to see who it was.

Standing in the foyer was no other than my favorite little cousin. "Lily?" I asked.

"Yeah." She rolled her eyes. "You know I was a little hurt, the whole time you were gone you only called me once and then when I come to visit you, you don't answer the door, and you didn't even tell me you found your mate. I had to hear it from Ryan, seriously."

"...Sorry." I shrugged before going over to hug her. "I missed you, Lil."

"Sure because you make it so obvious."

After apologizing multiple time and finally getting back on Lily good side, which was a pretty hard thing to do, she and I went into the home theater (which I didn't know about until she got here) to watch our favorite show Young& Hungry.

"So, what's up with you and Alpha Noah, why haven't you guys mated." She asked bluntly.

"Lily." I blushed.

Usually, when mates found each other they mated right away. But considering this was a one-sided relationship there was no way that was happening anytime soon.

"I don't understand you. How could you not want your mate? He's hot?" I growled which surprise even me. "Little possessive I see; don't worry I don't like him. Anyways have you seen the Ryan acts he would kill to have a mate."

That made me feel sort of guilty, all Ryan talks about is finding his mate and here I am being ungrateful.

"Before you left you said you felt like you were missing something, maybe that something is your mate."

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