Chapter Twenty-Six: Resisting the Hidden Secrets of a Dead Man

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Some of the scenes in this chapter are also featured in The Human Mate (THM) but they aren't exactly the same. That is because I haven't edited THM and when I do they will be identical, same goes for future chapters in this book.

Anyways I hope you guys are having a great New Years!

Chapter Twenty-Six: Resisting the Hidden Secrets of a Dead Man


After Ellie and I did some rolling around in our bedsheets we had ourself a late-night snack of chocolate cookies as we watched a few episodes of her new obsession, Law & Order SVU. After about the third episode she was out like a light and I soon followed behind her. I hadn't planned on waking up anything before noon, but Adam had other plans for me when he ran into our bedroom unannounced just around five a.m.

"What the hell, Adam?" I whispered yelled at him, hoping to not awake my mate who would be cranky if her sleep was interrupted.

"The pack is under attack, we have to get Luna to the pack house." He said while going to turn on the lights.

"Noah." Ellie groaned pulling the covers over her head.

"Adam meet us downstairs," I ordered getting out of bed and getting dressed in the clothes that I wore yesterday that was scattered across the floor. Once he had shut the door I pulled the covers off of Ellie. "Baby get up, we got to get you out of here."

"What?" She replied in a sleepy voice as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes.

"The pack is under attack," Going to her closet I pulled out a few random clothes and tossed them to her. "Get dressed."

Jumping out of bed she dressed in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt, grabbing her gym shoes next to the door and throwing them on as well. "Let's go." Grabbing onto her hand I pulled her down the stairs. As expected Adam, had already left, after all, he was the second in command so if I wasn't there he had to be. Ellie stayed quiet for most of our trip to the packhouse and when we arrived she hugged me tightly before going inside the house. Not wanting to waste any more time I made my way to the west part of my territory where the fight seems to be going on. When I arrived, there were a few dozen bodies on the ground, some of them alive, and so of them being dead but none of them being from my pack. Surrounded the bodies were Adam and other members of my pack. For the looks of it, the fight was over.

"You made it?" Adam pointed out sarcastically, clearly annoyed by how long I took.

"What happened?" I asked Ethan who looked to still be puzzled by everything that went down.

"It was weird, none of them were experienced like the other," He referred to the attack that occurred quite some time ago. "They were clearly the weaker ones," Ethan told us.

Looking around at the bodies I noticed a lot of them to be much younger than the other rogues that we had dealt with, "This doesn't add up." I turned back to the guys. "Ethan burn the dead bodies and put the alive ones in the pack prison." Leaving the area, I headed back to my house and to my office to make a few calls to my allies, but to my surprise, I had already received a few calls from them. Going through my voicemails I had learned that April, Alpha Caine's mate had been kidnapped. Once I had called them back I had learned that Alpha Mason had already been to help and April was safely recovered and was at home. The only problem being that as of now Alpha Ryan and Alpha Mason location was unknown.

Mason and his pack mates had been on their way back to his pack when they ran into a few rogues. He instructed the others to continue to their territory while he would deal with the rogues. It had been hours and they hadn't been able to reach him. Ryan, on the other hand, had ran after a rogue all on his own and his pack hasn't been able to reach him since. To make matters worse Ryan's father, Paul had been taken by the rogues as well.

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