Chapter Twenty: Resisting The Urge to Disappoint Her Mate

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Chapter Twenty: Resisting the Urge to Disappoint Her Mate

"Why are you making this a big deal?" I asked Noah who was currently saying his goodbyes to me. It turns out that it wasn't The Moon Light pack that was being attacked, more so it was their Alpha that was. As soon as Noah heard the news he locked down our pack and rushed us out of the restaurant ruining our evening in the process.

"Ellie, Mason is one of my best friends and an alliance member of this pack." He explained while packing away a few items of clothing.

I shrugged, "So,"

"I can't just leave his pack like that." He came over to me, "Now be a good girl while I'm gone."

"Don't be rude, I'm not a dog." Folding my arms, I rolled my eyes at him.

"I would never," He chuckled going to kiss my lips. "I'll be back in a few days."

Being that we were under lock down I had to go to the pack house with the others. I had no friends in the pack so I quickly found an empty room with my art supplies in hand.

Randomly sketching things in the room, I heard a knock on the door. Scenting out who it was I tried ignoring them but after a few minutes, it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere. "Come in." Walking in she was teary eyed with a bag of snacks in her hand.

"Hey," I awkwardly waved trying to be on my best behavior like I had promised Noah.

"Hey," She held the bag up, "I brought snacks."

"I see," I could be a petty bitch but seeing this girl with tears in her eyes I couldn't be mean to her, plus that would mean I would be breaking my promise. "Have a seat." I gestured to the couch that was near the window while I continued to lie on the floor.

"Thanks." She smiled taking her seat.

Not having seen Hailee at her side and not scenting her throughout the house I deemed her to have left, "Where's your friend?"

"She left." She said casually not bothering going into detail.

"Why?" I knew that Mason was her Alpha but I don't see why that would lead her to leave so suddenly. Mason was doing well and expected to live according to reports so that couldn't have been the reason of why she left.

She bit her lip nervously, "They're mates."

My jaw dropped, "Mason and Hailee?"

"Yes," Distracting herself she pulled a bag of Doritos out of her bag and begin stuffing them into her mouth.

"Umm," I paused trying to gather my thoughts, "Are they together?"

"I don't think we should talk about this. I've already said too much." She averted her eyes from me and continued to snack on her food. Her avoiding the situation only made me grow more curious.

"I promise I won't tell." I placed my hand on hers as a way to show her I was serious, even though I had no intention of being.

"Fine," She agreed swallowing the rest of her food, "He rejected her,"

I gasped not expected that at all, my first thought was that it was a secret with the large age gap in all, "Are you serious?"

"He's looking to make things better but she's on the fence." She further explained.

"Wow, that insane," I replied going back to my sketching.

Hearing that only proved how much of trash The Moon Light pack really was. Their own Alpha couldn't protect himself, he rejected his mate and said mate best friend gave away her most private secret. I know it was hypocritical of me considering I too had rejected Noah, not officially but in so many ways I had and made things harder for him. Imagining things being on the other foot really made me look at the reality of things and made me really realize how lucky I was to have Noah. Now knowing that I knew that I would never do anything that would jeopardize our relationship ever again.


Arriving at The Moon Light pack Hailee went straight into the pack hospital while I headed to the packhouse where Beta Sam and a few other high ranking wolves were putting together a plan to catch this son-of-a-bitch that attacked his and I's pack. Before leaving my pack, I had no idea that Hailee and Mason were mates, she hadn't exactly told me this but her tears and unwillingness to stay on my territory proved my theory.

"Alright, what we got?" I asked as I entered Mason's office and poured myself a cup of coffee.

"Trackers in the pack are tracking the rogue's scent as we speak," Sam informed us.

"Do they have anything substantial?" Mark who was the gamma of the pack asked.

"Yeah, it seems as if the rogues didn't do as good of a job covering their scents. It shouldn't be long until we narrow down their location."

"As soon as that does happen we must move, we can't give them a chance to run." One thing that I had gathered about these particular rogues were that they were smart and calculated. They had managed to sneak attack all of our packs at once, attack an Alpha and not get caught, and kidnapped Ellie and they had plenty of wolves to get the job done. Even if we didn't get all the rogues this time, getting a few of them will be helpful for us all in the future and possibly gather intel on their reasons.

"What about Mason?" Mark asked knowing that Mason wouldn't be in any condition to help me lead the raid.

"He'll understand, we've never been this close before and can't miss out on this opportunity."

Looking around the room, everyone nodded in agreement. Seeing as though the trackers were getting closer we begin preparations for the raid. Leaving Mason's office, I went outside, "What the fuck Noah?" Ellie yelled without as much as a 'hello', knowing her, I expected our first interaction in several hours to be this way.

"I miss you too El,"

"I've been calling you for hours." She growled in annoyance.

"I was busy." Since Ellie had come back from New York her possessiveness had increased and the jealous look in her eyes never went unnoticed. I think that this was just her twisted way of showing that she had finally accepted the bond, and with her not knowing how to express herself that well angry was her weird way of telling me she missed me and wanted me there with her. Translating Ellie's mood swings would discourage some people from being with her, but I looked on the brighter sides of things and knew with her boredom was never optional.

"I don't give a fuck when I call you answer." She demanded like the spoiled she-wolf that she was.

I chuckled, "Message received. Anyways what have you been up to?" I asked wanting to distract myself for what was to come.

"Sketching and trying not to strangle myself." I growled, "You know I hate people, why are you making me be here?"

"It's for your safety I should be back in a few days."

"Days?" She yelled, "No you have to come back today."

"I'll be back as soon as I can." I promised, "Try to be civilized until then."

"No promises," She told me annoyed, "What are you doing?" I paused debating on whether or not I should tell her, "Noah, what's going on?" She asked concerned.

"Nothing," I hesitating lying to her which made her even more suspicious.

"Then why are you acting all weird?"

I sighed wishing I was a better liar so I wouldn't have to worry her, "We're raiding a rogue house tonight." Raiding rogues' homes were hardly ever dangerous but in this case, things were different. Not having done a lot of planning we had no clue on what we were walking into.

"If something happens to you, I'm gonna be so pissed at you."

"Oh, Ellie you have such a beautiful way with words." With my mate's unconventional words of encouragement, I knew that I would do anything in my power to get back to her as soon as possible.

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