Chapter Four

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Chapter Four 


"Alpha." my Beta Adam said through our mind link. "Alpha Mason called."

"Is everything okay?" I asked with concern laced in my voice. While Mason and I were cool he never really called me unless it was for an important reason.

"He wanted to give you the heads up that, there's being rogues spotted at the borders of our territory."

If they were near Alpha Mason territory that meant that they weren't that far from mine. Knowing how tricky these rogues were I knew that I needed to get ahead of this issue before it got even worse. "Packhouse, now everybody!" I mind linked all the people in my pack.

Within twenty minutes I stood in front of my whole pack, all 234 members, 235 now since I've found my mate plus her cousin Lily who was also there.

"There's been sightings of rogues on our borders. We are not sure if it was the same group of rouges that attacked all those other packs a few years ago," None of my wolfs died that day and I was hoping to keep it that way. "To be on the safe side the same rules enforce then we will enforce now. Including no running past sundown, trips to the city are banned without permission, clear?"

"Yes, Alpha." They all muttered in unison.

"Adam." I called for my Beta," Form a patrol." he shook his head and being gathering all of the guards and trackers in the pack.

"Before we end this meeting, I'll like to introduce you to," I grabbed my mate's arm to pull her up from her seat and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Your new Luna, Ellie." The crowd erupted in cheers and howls.

Most of them had already known about her from when she first got here, but they still showed gratitude for their new Luna. "Also her cousin Lily, sister of the Alpha of Red Bloods Pack." Lily stood and waved at the rest of the pack, clearly being used to all the attention while Ellie looked down at her feet.

She was uncomfortable. I assumed that it was because of all the attention she was getting. I had before thought she would have been used to it, with her begin a part of the Alpha's family and all. Maybe it was because it was the first time we had made contact since that time in my office followed an argument that I still haven't apologized for.

'Apologized to mate.' My wolf ordered me.

'Shut it, I plan to.'

I knew what I said was wrong and I knew that I had to apologize to make it right with her. I just hoped that she would accept my apology and we could move in the opposite direction.

"Pack meeting adjourned," I announced and immediately people began making their way out of the pack house.

"Can't believe you did that!" Ellie yelled at me when we arrived home a few minutes later.

I raised my eyebrow in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

"You telling them about me." She threw her hands in the air, frustrated.

"You're my mate and their Luna." She rolled her eyes.

"Not for long." She mumbled loud enough for me to hear, making my wolf growl at her threat.

"Will you please grow up; you're the Luna of this pack its time you start acting like it."

"Don't chastise me! I'm a grown woman and I will do as I please."

"Stop!" Lily yelled standing up from her seat. "Both of you need to grow up and start acting like adults." She took a deep breath. "I've decided I'm leaving tomorrow. You guys need to work this out, I am sick of hearing you guys argue, it's annoying." She said before leaving out the room and stomping her way upstairs.

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