fourty five

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Blake: Hunter and Brandon will be here in about an hour

That text made me feel so much happier because I've been avoiding Blake all day. It's about 2pm and I've used so many excuses already. I woke up at about 9 but I stayed in bed until 11, then I said I wasn't feeling well so I didn't have to see Blake.

I'm still mad at him for playing me and leading me on.

Hunter: Can't wait to see you:)

Emma: Can't wait to see you either;)

What a flirt.

"Emma, are you feeling okay to come out now? Hunter and Brandon texted me and said they'll be here any second" Blake asked.

"Yeah, I'm feeling better now I just needed rest" I lied. Then I heard a knock on the front door making me quickly get up and dart out of my bedroom, to reveal a smiling Blake.

"Nice to see you this morning" he winked.

"Yeah yeah" I huffed, really not wanting to talk to him.

"My boys!" Blake cheered as he swung open the front door.

"Blakey!" Hunter shouted and gave him a huge hug, as Brandon said hey to Blake me and Hunter made eye contact and we couldn't stop smiling at each other.

"Come on you guys can put your stuff in my room" Blake told them and they all made their way upstairs. I felt out of place so I just went and sat on my bed but I left the door open so I could see when they left Blake's room.

"Emma, get up you lazy thing. We're going in the pool" Brandon joked as he poked his head round the corner.

"Okay" I smiled. I couldn't believe how lucky these guys are, they all have their own backyard pools and I have a paddling pool once a year when England is actually warm for about a day.

I closed the door and got changed into my bikini and I was just finished when Hunter bursted through the door.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Oh my god Hunter you scared the life out of me! If you'd have come in five seconds earlier you would have seen me naked" I gasped.

"That would be a shame wouldn't it" he winked.

"Just knock next time" I chuckled.

"Let's go" he smiled and held his hand out for me to take. I couldn't help but blush and grabbed his hand but we didn't walk gracefully to the pool, he started running and dragging me along with him.

"Hunter!" I laughed.

"Hold your nose!" he giggled.

"What?" I asked and suddenly he sprinted out of the back door and jumped straight into the pool. He had such a tight grip on me that I could let go and I was forced to jump in with him.

When I swam to the surface the first thing I heard was the sound of Hunter laughing.

"That was so fun" he giggled.

"Next time give me some warning" I laughed.

"I tried!" He protested.

"Oi, love birds stop arguing and come get some food!" Blake shouted angrily. Hunter gave me some wide eyes as if to say 'what's up with him' and we both swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out.

We all had some burgers because Blake was barbecuing. Then me and Hunter sat on the edge of the pool and talked for so long.

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