twenty three

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I woke up in Blake's room, in Blake's bed.

His arms were wrapped around my waist in a strong lock, I tried to get out but if I did I would wake him. I really didn't want to be this close to him and I didn't know why he was this close to me.

I just laid there thinking about what happened last night, it was so unreal. Never in my life would I have thought Hunter was the type of person to play me.

I really did love Hunter and I thought he loved me.

Interrupting my thoughts, Hunter burst in the room and saw me in bed, with Blake.

"What the hell? Emma what are you doing?" he shouted. How dare he look me in the eye like I was the bad one, I was so angry.

"Hunter, I don't want to talk to your right now, get out of here before I get really angry" I argued. Tears were rolling down my face.

"Emma? Why are you crying? Why did you leave last night?" he asked. He looked like he cared. He actually looked innocent. What a liar.

"Hunter, leave now!" Blake shouted, I didn't even realise he was awake.

"Not until I get a chance to talk to Emma!" he shouted back. But I really didn't want to talk to him.

I got up from the bed and grabbed my bag (all the suitcases were in Blake's room anyways, thank god) and locked myself in the bathroom. I couldn't deal with Hunter and his lies right now. And to think that he made me come on tour with him, and I'm thousands of miles from home. I really wanted to go home.

I sat on the bathroom floor and cried. I had no energy for anything right now, but I didn't want Hunter to see the pain he caused me. I want some dignity.

I took a shower, got dressed and did my makeup. I wanted to look good today to show Hunter what he was missing. I wore a cropped blue nike hoodie with ripped denim shorts and adidas superstars.

I opened the bathroom door to see Hunter and Blake sat there arguing, but I honestly didn't care

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I opened the bathroom door to see Hunter and Blake sat there arguing, but I honestly didn't care. They stopped talking when they saw me and I walked out of the room with my head held high.

I was honestly so proud of myself, a boy cheated on me and I wasn't grieving over it anymore. But he wasn't just any boy, he was Hunter Rowland.

I walked down the stairs to the breakfast area to see Brandon, just the person I wanted to see. He's basically my best friend on the tour.

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