twenty one

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"It's so beautiful up here" I said as we'd finally got to the top, looking over at the city. It was very dark and all of the lights were on and the stars were shining, it was perfect.

"Not as beautiful as you" Hunter replied. It would normally make me cringe if I heard someone say that in a movie but not with Hunter.

"You're so sweet" I said, looking in to his eyes.

He slowly started to lean in and butterflies swarmed around my stomach. When I realised he was about to kiss me I started to lean in too and when our lips connected sparks flew around us. It was amazing. The best moment of my life. I was trying so hard not to smile to spoil the kiss.

When we pulled apart he rested his forehead on mine and stared into my eyes. His glistening green eyes looked like they'd come from a movie, they were so beautiful.

"Emma, would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" He asked me while looking down at his feet as if he was nervous. My heart stopped and I felt as if I needed someone to pinch me, I honestly felt like I was dreaming.

I felt like I was in some teenage girls fan fiction.

The thought of being his girlfriend, it's so unreal. I loved this boy and knowing he loved me too was all I wanted.

"Of course" I replied. When I said that his head shot up and his eyes went big, almost as if he didn't expect me to say yes.

He embraced me in a warm, tight hug and it was so perfect. We didn't let go until at least a minute later, we both loved it. He once again took my hand and led me back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we opened our room door to see all of the boys sitting there.

"Here comes the two love birds, what took you so long?" Taylor asked. Me and Hunter just looked at each other and laughed, with me blushing like a tomato.

"Is there something we've missed?" Cameron questioned, trying to connect the dots.

I looked over at Hunter and gave him the signal to 'tell everyone' so we went over and sat down on our bed.

"We're dating" he said lifting our connected hands up in the air. I could tell he was nervous as he did that cute thing where he looked down waiting for everyone's reactions.

"Woah, nice one bro! I'm happy for you both" Brandon chimed in. I'm so glad Hunter has his brother's support, I know it will mean a lot to him to know he has his approval.

"Yeah we're all happy for you two!" Aaron said whilst looking around the room. Everyone was smiling and congratulating us. Well almost everyone.

I was so happy. This past week could not get any better.

Blake walked out the room really fast and slammed the door behind him, ruining my mood. Hunter gave my hand a squeeze as if telling me 'don't worry about him'.

I wasn't going to let Blake destroy mine and Hunter's happy day.

A couple hours later I got a text from him.

Blake: Meet me on the roof? I need to talk to you. Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you or anything.

I was a bit anxious about going and had a lot of doubts, but all I wanted to do was solve my problems with Blake. I missed being friends with him, even though he's such a jerk.

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