twenty four

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Hey Brandon!" I waved, interrupting him from stuffing his mouth with chocolate chip pancakes.

"Hey Emma! Why didn't you come back to the room last night?" He asked. He was straight up with the question, but it was the question I was dreading.

I looked down at my feet with embarrassment and I was debating whether or not to lie to him or tell the truth.

"Hunter cheated on me" I blurted.

It made Brandon drop all of his pancakes and look me straight in the eye, he could tell I was really upset.

I know I was talking to him about his brother, but it made no difference to him.

"What? Are you sure? It doesn't seem like Hunter. And you only got together last night?" he questioned. He looked so confused, and sort of hurt.

"I'm sure, look at this photo Blake took when we were souvenir shopping" I explained as I showed him the photo that Blake had sent me, it made his jaw drop open.

"I can't believe Hunter would do that to you! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?!" He comforted. He was so worried about me, it was so cute.

"Not really but I'll be fine" I lied whilst I flashed him a fake smile and stood up from my chair, I didn't know where I was going but, I left the hotel. I started walking and I didn't stop.

I ended up coming to a small park, there was a couple of people around but I didn't mind, it was comforting to be around people.

I sat down on the swings and just looked around for a bit, at everything around me.

"Emma" I heard Hunters sweet and calm voice say from behind me.

He sat down on the swing next to me. I couldn't bare to look at him, or speak to him, so I just sat there in silence.

"Brandon told me why you were mad, and I can explain" he said. What really makes me mad is that he didn't even apologise. To his own girlfriend. For cheating on her.

"When you were in the shop I got a text from Emily saying she wanted to talk to me. I went because I thought she was going to apologise for being horrible to you. But, as soon as I started to talk to her she kissed me. I didn't kiss back or anything, I pulled away straight away. Then I ran back to you. Because you're my girlfriend and I love you." He explained. But I didn't believe him one bit.

He continued though; "Blake must have been following me at the time, and took the photo when she kissed me. He said he was going to get his revenge and this is it. He told Emily to do it and that's why he's not upset at her for cheating on him. If he was there he knows that I pulled away, he knows that I ran back to you. He's just trying to make me seem like the bad guy because I punched him" he finished. I was so confused, it all made sense really. Hunter wouldn't do something like this but I didn't think Blake would either. I thought we were friends.

"So you didn't do anything wrong after all. Sorry for believing him" I apologised.

"Don't apologise. I would have done exactly the same thing if it were me in your position" he smiled.

"Let's go back to the hotel" I smiled back. He took my hand and we started to walk.

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