twenty eight

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My plane landed and I quickly switched my phone on to see all my notifications come flooding through. I had so many from Hunter.

Hunter: Sorry I sounded mad. Just sad.
Hunter: Miss you.
Hunter: I know you aren't reading these messages but I like texting you because it makes me feel closer to you.
Hunter: That last message sounded super cringe I'm sorry aha.
Hunter: ❤️❤️❤️
Hunter: only a couple hours till your plane lands! super excited to talk to you again.
Hunter: hope you had a good flight. message me when you can.

He's so sweet! He never fails to put a smile on my face even when he's on the other side of the world. But, I also had a text from Blake...

Blake: Why didn't you tell me you were leaving? I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm sorry I was so horrible to Hunter I was just so jealous.

I didn't even know how to reply. Was I even supposed to reply? I'll message Hunter back and then think about Blake.

Emma: You're so sweet! The plane journey was so boring without you but I thought about you the whole way:) Missing you tons Huntyyy❤️

Then I got a post notification that Hunter had tweeted:

@hunterrowland Miss you

I wonder who that could be about hmm... Interrupting my thoughts he texted me again.

Hunter: so good to talk to you. did you see my tweet aha? and Blake is mad that you didn't tell him you were leaving lolz❤️

Emma: Yes I did and same to you. Also why does he care? Only you should have known❤️

Hunter: He said that if it was just me that knew he'd be fine but you told Brandon and he said he felt left out, what a drama queen aha❤️

Emma: Oh well. Try to be friends with him again so there's no tension between you two on tour❤️

Hunter: Will do and I have to go now, me and Brandon are having a photo shoot so I'll talk to you in about an hour. Blake told me to tell you to reply to his text❤️

Emma: Okay, talk to you in a bit and finee❤️

I didn't want to reply to Blake but I'll do it so that we can all be normal again.

Emma: Sorry I didn't tell you I didn't know you would have wanted me too

He replied almost immediately.

Blake: It's okay. Can we go back to being friends? I wanna be friends with Hunter too.

Emma: Sure, I'd like that.

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