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Emma's P.O.V

This morning I woke up around 10am and took a shower, did my makeup and got dressed. I wore my Hunter Bryce Rowland hoodie that Hannah got me for Christmas last year with black jeans and old school vans. I quickly tied my hair up into a messy bun and laid down on my bed.

I checked my phone to see if I'd got any notifications and there was two

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I checked my phone to see if I'd got any notifications and there was two. A text from Hunter and also a tweet from him. I responded to his text immediately:

Hunter: Morning princess, hope ya have a great day cutie x

Emma: Morning prince, thank you and same to you😘

I wanted to be just as flirty when I replied but I felt a bit guilty as Blake called me princess yesterday.

The tweet said;
@hunterrowland can't stop thinking about you😍

I got a warm feeling in my stomach thinking that it might be about me, but it probably wasn't, we only met yesterday. It really does seem like we met a while ago though.

Interrupting my thoughts I got another text from Hunter.

Hunter: I know this is so random but where's a good place in London that me and the boys could go to for some fun? None of us have been here before and we're bored😂

I couldn't believe he was asking me for advice! He could of just googled it but instead he asked me. I felt so special.

Emma: So many places omg, you could go to Madame Tussaud's, The London Dungeons or somewhere like a trampoline park😂 or you could go to a theme park!

Hunter: Yasss I could really go on a rollercoaster right now😍 Thank you Emma. I'll tell the guys x

Emma: You're welcome Hunter x

I thought our conversation was over so I was going to go over to Hannah's but I got another text.

Hunter: I know this sounds weird and you totally don't have too I completely understand if you don't want to but do you wanna see me again today? Yeah that does sound weird. It's just Cameron's friend from London is having a party and we're all going to go with him. Everyone else is bringing a friend with them but you're the only person I know in London. Do you want to come with me? x

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