thirty three

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"Let's go!" I playfully shouted and ran up to Blake. The movie theatre was only around the corner so it took us about two minutes to walk there.

"What do you want to get?" Blake asked me after we had decided we were going to watch despicable me 3.

"You don't have to get me anything Blake, cinema food is really expensive" I insisted.

"It's comfort food" he chuckled. "So that you can get over that jerk Hunter" he added.

"Hunters not a jerk. He's your best friend and the best boyfriend I ever had" I told Blake.

"He may be my best friend but he broke my other best friends heart" he explained.

We quickly changed the subject after that because it got awkward. He ended up buying a large salt popcorn to share, two blue slush puppies and two pick and mixes. I told him not to but he wouldn't listen.

When we took our seats it was really quiet because we were the first ones in there. We both went on our phone because the trailers hadn't even started yet.

"Sorry about what I said back there" Blake said to break the silence.

"It's okay. Let's not talk about it" I smiled- fake smiled.

"One more thing, do you want me to talk to him?" Blake asked.

"No. Don't mention it to him because it might ruin your friendship again" I warned him.

"Okay" he sighed. I guess he just wanted to tell Hunter how upset I was and I appreciate that.

Soon the film started.

About half way through we both reached for the popcorn at the same time and touched hands. We suddenly looked at each other and let out a little chuckle and I can't even describe how awkward it was. I quickly turned my head to watch the movie so that the eye contact was broken but then he put his arm around me. I was so uncomfortable. I didn't know what to do or say, was I even supposed to react?

Throughout the rest of the movie I ended up resting my head on his shoulder. It all of a sudden felt right and I don't know why.

"Emma" Blake whispered.

"Yeah" I whispered back.

"What are you doing in the Christmas break?" he asked me.

"Was supposed to be staying with Hunter but I guess nothing now" I answered.

"Do you wanna come stay with me?" he questioned.

"Yeah, that would be so fun" I truthfully replied.

"Cool. Well, I'm flying back to America next weekend and this week is your last week of school right? We could fly back together" he suggested.

"That sounds perfect. I'm already excited" I smiled. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and the movie came to an end. After that his mom picked him up because he had to do something with his family. I then walked home with a huge smile on my face.

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