thirty six

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As my eyes slowly opened I was very confused for a second because I didn't realise where I was. I was in Blake's room, In Blake's bed, with Blake.

I'm supposed to be sleeping in the guest room but I must have fallen asleep here last night when we were watching a movie. We got back pretty late so we were both super tired.

I could see my phone on the table next to Blake but I didn't want to reach for it in case I woke him up. I was very careful, I stretched my arm over him and I was just about to grab it when he said-

"You want your phone?" in his cute morning voice.

"Woah! Oh my god Blake you scared the life out of me!" I gasped. I grabbed my phone and then went back to laying on the bed next to him.

"Oh my god I'm so tired, what time is it?" he yawned.

"Um... 10am" I told him.

"You're kidding, right?" he asked, in shock.

"No, why?" I chuckled.

"I thought I set my alarm for 8! Oh my god, we were supposed to be at Universal for 10!" he complained.

"Oh god, I'll go get ready" I said and jumped up from the bed, grabbed my bag and ran for the bathroom.

"Be quick!" he shouted.

I was in a rush so all I did was put on my outfit, brush my teeth, brush my hair and put some concealer and mascara on, I only took about 5 minutes. I wore a cute grey crop top with ripped denim shorts, my old skool vans and a Blake Gray cap that Blake gave to me.

 I wore a cute grey crop top with ripped denim shorts, my old skool vans and a Blake Gray cap that Blake gave to me

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"Nice hat" Blake winked as I walked into his room.

"Thank you, you ready to go?" I smirked.

"Yeah, my moms gonna drop us off" he answered as he grabbed his phone and left the room. I followed and we walked outside and got in the car.

It took us about half an hour to get to Universal so we only got there about 40 minutes late.

"Bye!" we waved to Blake's mom.

"Nathan said they're getting food, it's about a 5 minute walk" Blake told me.

"So far" I complained.

"Let's start walking and if you get tired you can go on my back" Blake chuckled.

"Ayyy" I cheered. We started walking and when we were nearly there I started to get really nervous. I didn't want to see Hunter.

"Can I go on your back now?" I asked Blake when the food place came into sight.

"Hop on" he smiled. I jumped on his back and he started running really fast.

"Blake! I'm gonna fall off!" I screamed.

"What about if I do this?" he giggled and he span round in a circle about a thousand times. Suddenly he got really dizzy and we both fell backwards causing me to scream really loud.

"Blake!" I giggled. We were both collapsed on the floor and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard, we couldn't stop. Blake's face was bright red and I felt like I couldn't breathe it was so funny.

"You guys okay?" I heard Nathan's voice ask from behind us. I turned around and saw all of the guys staring at us, even Hunter.

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