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Me and Hannah were waiting for my mum to pick us up because magcon was over.

"I'm so disappointed" I complained.

I was so sad it was over, It was the best day of my life. Meeting Blake and Hunter, really improved my confidence. They called me beautiful and remembered me out of all the girls. I made the best memories.

I couldn't stop thinking about them, the past few hours kept flashing through my head and I couldn't stop smiling.

"Remind me to never get you a birthday present" Hannah joked.

"No Hannah! I loved today. Best day of my life. I had so much fun with you. I just didn't get to say goodbye to Hunter after everything we went through today" I explained.

My mum waved to us as she drove into the car park of the arena and Hannah said "You'll meet him again one day". I shrugged my shoulders and we walked up to the car.

I was reaching for the door handle as Hannah squealed and someone grabbed my wrist with a slight force.

I turned around to see Hunter.
My heart stopped beating.

"Hey Emma can I speak to you for a minute?" he asked flashing that amazing, famous smile.

"Of course, Hannah why don't you get in the car I'll just be a minute" I said to her, trying to not to freak out but wanting privacy.

"Sure" she said smoothly, with a huge smile and laughing a little.

He slipped his hand into mine and took me off the sidewalk and sat on a bench, his hand was so warm and I never wanted to let go. Obviously, when we sat down he disconnected our hands.

"Hey Emma, sorry for stopping you from leaving and I can't stay long because I don't want the fans to notice me but I have to talk to you. I felt bad leaving without saying goodbye because you said you had something to tell me" he explained, acting a little nervous.

"You're so sweet, thank you for coming to see me. It might take me a while to say what I wanted to say so don't worry about it" I informed him. I wanted to stay to talk to him but he was in a hurry and the issue was personal and not quick to explain.

"No, I want to hear it. I'll never stop thinking about it if I don't. But I don't have enough time to hear it now so you can text me if you want. Here's my number. Please don't leak it" he suggested.

Wait. Did Hunter Rowland just give me his number? He's never done this to a fan before.

"I would never leak it Hunter, and thank you" I assured him, trying not to scream because I was so excited.

"I really have to go now, make sure you text me as soon as you get home, drive safe" he said giving me a quick hug and then running off to the tour bus.

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