twenty nine

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Hunter: Morning beautiful❤️

It's been a couple days since I left magcon. It's been tough.

Me and Hunter are better than ever and what makes me even happier is that him and Blake are best friends again. They even posted a picture yesterday of them both laughing together. I just miss him so much.

I was getting ready to go for a meal with my mum when I got a worrying text from Hannah.

Hannah: Don't freak out, but I wanted to tell you before you found out yourself. Check Instagram.

It really scared me because I knew it must have something to do with Hunter. I looked on Instagram and she had tagged me in someone's post.

It was a picture of Hunter walking along a beach holding a girls hand and laughing. It could have been a fan but it looked so weird and worried me. Why would he be doing that with a fan anyway? They weren't near anyone else and they were walking along hand in hand.

Hunter's fans don't know we're dating. We've been dating for about 2 months now and he still hasn't told them. I wondered why he hadn't and I guess it was so the fans didn't get mad but why would he do things like this. Why would he be so close to another girl?

I couldn't just sit back and watch this happen I had to say something.

Emma: ??? *attached photo*

Hunter: What?❤️

Emma: Who is it?😂

Hunter: Just a fan❤️

Emma: Doesn't look like just a fan to be honest😶

Hunter: Emma😂 Stop being paranoid. She just asked for a photo like that❤️

Emma: okayyy

Hunter: love you❤️

Emma: love you too

It just seemed so wrong. The photo looked like the kind of photo we'd take together. It didn't look like he was posing for a photo but I'll just forget about it.

Blake: You okay?

Emma: yeah, why wouldn't I be?😂

Blake: I assume you've seen Instagram?

Emma: what do you mean?

Blake: The photo of the girl and Hunter

Emma: oh yeah i saw that, he said she was just a fan

Blake: oh, okay

Emma: do you know something I don't?

Blake: it's just, I was there with all the guys and a fan came up to him and they were talking for ages and then he took her hand and they walked off, I was just wondering if he said anything about it

Emma: so they weren't posing for a photo?

Blake: no, it was just those two and they walked off and left me and all the guys

Emma: thank you for being honest with me Blake.

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