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We arrived at the first hotel and everything was better now, well almost everything. The managers said Hunter could stay in magcon as long as he didn't do it again, seeing as Blake wasn't badly hurt. But the bad thing is Blake keeps doing horrible things to Hunter.

When we were walking up the stairs in the bus earlier Blake told Hunter he would get his 'revenge' or whatever that means, and he keeps spreading rumours about Hunter to the rest of the boys.

I feel so bad for Hunter, he doesn't deserve this. I care for him too much to see him get constantly hurt like this.

At the hotel I'm sharing a room with Hunter and Brandon, then in the room to the left of us is Blake and Harvey and then to the right is Cameron, Taylor and Aaron.

All of the guys had to go to a meeting before we were aloud to leave so I was just gonna wait in my hotel room until they were finished. Then we're gonna go explore the city. We're in Paris at the moment.

I decided to go on twitter to pass the time, but I couldn't stop thinking about Hunter. I just love that kid so much, I wished he would make a move already and ask me out haha.

( 2 hours later )

All the boys had returned from their meeting so we decided to go on a walk around Paris.

Me and Hunter were walking hand in hand along the paths under the Eiffel Tower, and everyone else was quite a way in front of us. We just wanted to be alone.

"Woah, the Eiffel Tower is so much taller in person, going to the top is on my bucket list" I said to Hunter, whilst pointing at it with my hand that wasn't holding his.

"Do you want to go up there?" He chucked, probably because I looked like a 4 year old kid seeing snow for the first time.

"Really? We can go up there?" I squealed. I got so excited I squeezed his hand dangerously tight.

"Of course, anything for my princess" he smiled whilst he pulled me along the grass to the tower.

"Isn't it illegal?" I gasped, causing him to burst out laughing.

"Of course it is!" he chuckled. "You're so cute and innocent" he added. We both climbed over a high fence, with a struggle, and then had to walk up what felt like a thousand steps to get to the top.

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