fourty one

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Because we were going to the beach I put on my high necked bikini and some sunglasses. I'm not going to walk to the beach in just that because I have zero confidence so I put a crop top and denim shorts over the top.

"Damn girl" Blake winked as I took off my top when we got to the beach

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"Damn girl" Blake winked as I took off my top when we got to the beach.

"Blake" I laughed.

Everyone sat down on the sand whilst we waited for Ariel. Then we were all going in the sea together.

Hunter: You be looking sexy girl

I let out a little chuckle as I saw that text. I wanted to laugh really hard but I didn't want Blake to notice and look at what I was laughing at. I glanced over at Hunter and he was smiling so I smiled back.

Emma: perv, but thanks you made my day😂

Hunter: you're welcome baby girl

It was kind of weird that Hunter was flirting with me but he's only doing it because he knows it'll make me laugh.

"Ariel!" Zach shouted with excitement. I looked up from my phone and I saw her walking towards us with.... Emily.

"Hey guys!" Ariel waved. She then ran up to Zach giving him a huge hug and then a quick kiss. Everyone said hey back and kind of awkwardly stared at Emily.

"Guys I hope you don't mind, I saw Emily and invited her to come spend the day with us" Ariel explained. Even though I love Ariel, I really wanted to slap her round the face.

"Hey guys" Emily smiled. I hate her smile. Everyone said hi but in an awkward tone and it was so weird.

"Let's go in the water!" Mark suggested so that it wasn't weird anymore. We all cheered and then ran straight into the sea.

Suddenly Emily swam over to me and Blake.

"Hey Blake" she smiled, completely ignoring me.

"Hey Em" he smiled back. Why did he give her a nickname? He told me he hated her?

"I've loved our conversations lately" she winked. Ew, her winking grossed me out. And what does she mean conversations? Why has he been talking to her?

"Me too" he replied.

"You guys have been talking?" I asked, wanting to find out the answer.

"Yeah, we've just been texting each other for a couple weeks, no big deal" Blake explained.

I started to get really uncomfortable so I swam over to Hunter.

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