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Emma: Blake told me you weren't posing for a photo. It was just you two and you were walking hand in hand along the beach together.

Hunter: So now you don't trust me enough that you have to message Blake for proof?

Emma: Blake messaged me.

Hunter: She was just a fan oh my gosh. Why don't you trust me anymore? I would never do that to you. We were posing for a photo Emma.

Emma: Who was taking the photo?

Hunter: Her friend

Emma: Why are you lying? I know she was the only fan there.

Hunter: You were the one who left tour. If you were here it would be different. We could do things like that and you'd understand if I had to do that with fans. It's my job. So don't get people to spy on me okay?

Emma: So you're saying if I leave tour you're aloud to cheat on me? I'm not sure that's how relationships work Hunter.

Hunter: I didn't cheat on you oh my gosh. You're taking this too seriously for no reason. Why are you so paranoid?

Emma: I'm paranoid because you haven't even told your fans that we're dating so I feel like you're not committed to this relationship.

Hunter: So you'll be happy if I tell the fans?

Emma: No, don't tell them just because I want you too. Do what you want.

Hunter: Make up your mind.

Emma: Can we stop arguing?

Hunter: We can stop arguing when you learn to trust me. If this long distance relationship is going to work it needs trust.

Emma: I can't trust you when you're so close to other girls. It would be the same if you were in my situation.

Hunter: Do you know what I'm not going to continue this petty argument anymore I need space.

Hunter has blocked your number.

My jaw dropped when I realised that Hunter had blocked me. Is this his way of telling me we're broken up?

Blake: Woah, what's up with Hunter?

Emma: We had an argument

Blake: He just stormed out of the hotel room and threw his phone on the bed

Emma: Oh my god, go after him

Blake: Doesn't he need space?

Emma: I guess.

Blake: I'll tell you when he gets back and you can message him

Emma: He blocked my number

Blake: Woah. Oh, I need to talk to you about something

Emma: What is it?

Blake: I'm not part of magcon tour Australia so while all the other boys go there I'm going home. Well, I'm going home for a week and then for the second week me and my brother are going to visit some family in London.

Emma: Omg! come see meeeeeee

Blake: That's what I was thinking

Emma: Well I've got to go now Blake, I have to get to school but please talk to Hunter and tell me if anything happens

Blake: Will do

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