thirty one

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It's been a two weeks since mine and Hunters argument. He's still not unblocked me. Blake has spoken to him but it hasn't changed anything. I miss him. I was so stupid and paranoid. Throughout every class I just can't focus because I'm thinking about him. Also, Blake is coming to visit today and i'm super excited.

Blake: hey

Emma: hey, where are you now?

Blake: plane has just landed, where do you want to meet?

Emma: wanna come to my house for a bit and then we can go somewhere?

Blake: sure, can we film a youtube video together?

Emma: if you really want me in it😂

Blake: it'll be fun. what's your address I'm leaving the airport now

Emma: 13 willow lane, see you soon

I was actually quite excited to see Blake. Filming a youtube video was such a good idea because I knew Hunter would see it. Wait, will he get mad if he sees i'm with Blake? To be honest I didn't even know if we we're still dating.

I had just finished getting ready and I heard the doorbell ring.

"Thats for me!" I shouted so that my mum wouldn't answer the door.

I ran downstairs and opened the front door with a huge smile.

"Hey Blake" I greeted and gave him a quick hug.

"Hello Emma" he said in a British accent, trying to mock me.

"I don't talk like that. Come in" I chuckled. He walked inside and I closed the door behind him.

"Do you want to film the youtube video in my room? " I asked him as we walked up the stairs.

"Sure. I was thinking we could do the who's most likely too thing" he told me.

"Aw yeah that'll be cool" I agreed.

We walked into my room and I closed the door behind us. Blake took the bag off of his back and took out all of his equipment.

"Emma?" My mum said from outside my bedroom door.

"Yes" I replied.

"Is that Hunter in there?" she asked.

"No, it's Blake. My friend" I replied, making sure I exaggerated the friend part. If she knew it was Hunter she'd want the door open because she's scared we'll do something.

"Oh okay. Hey Blake" she said, relieved.

"Hi" he said back with a little laugh. "I got bored on the plane so I wrote our names on different sides of some paper so that we can hold them up for the video" he told me.

"Cool" I answered.

We started to film the video and it was so much fun. We both wore matching Blake Gray hoodies for the whole thing because we were promoting his merch. We couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole thing. I loved it. But, the one thing I didn't like is that the first time the fans are seeing me it's not with Hunter.

"That was so fun" I laughed whilst Blake turned off the camera.

"It really was. I'll edit it now, upload it and then we can go out somewhere if you want" he suggested.

"Sounds good" I agreed.

It took Blake about an hour to edit it whilst we watched a movie and about 10 minutes after he uploaded it I got a notification.

Hunter has unblocked you.

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