fourty four

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"Hey guys" Hunter greeted. They were all sat in a circle and we sat down with them so I sat in between Hunter and Mark.

"Where have you guys been?" Zach asked.

"Food" Brandon answered.

"For four hours?" Mario gasped.

"Emma eats slow" Hunter explained.

"Very funny" I joked.

"Emma we've got to go" Blake chimed in.

"Okay, bye guys" I huffed. They all said bye to me and Blake and then Blake gave Emily a quick kiss. It made me feel sick. Then we started to walk across the beach, in silence.

"You okay?" Blake asked.

"Fine" I snapped.

"Emma I'm sorry about everything, can we please go back to being besties?" he smiled.

"Okay" I agreed. I was so mad and upset with him but I have to stay at his house for the rest of the week so I don't want it to be awkward.

"Good. And by the way Hunter and Brandon are sleeping over tomorrow. Their mom is going out of town so they needed someplace to stay and because you guys are okay now I said it was fine" he told me, which made me so damn happy.

"Sounds cool" I smiled. As soon as I said that I felt my phone vibrate so I took it out my phone to see what it was.

Hunter: Had such a good day today, thank you

I replied with a smile on my face.

Emma: Awh, thank you for a good day and for making me feel better about Blake. Can't wait for tomorrow

Hunter: Oh yeah, my mom just told me the news. It's gonna be so much fun

When we got back to Blake's house I went straight to the spare room and me and Hunter face timed. We spoke until about 2 in the morning and then we both decided to go to sleep. I would have normally spent the evening with Blake, have watched a movie or something but I don't like being around him anymore. He doesn't know this but when I talk to him all I can think about is how much he lead me on. I really liked him until this afternoon and I honestly wanted to be his girlfriend.

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