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I slowly walked back to the car, I could barely think straight. So much has happened in so little time. I have Hunter Rowland's number. I have Hunter Rowland's number.

Hunters P.O.V

Emma. She was all I could think about.
I met hundreds of girls today but she just stood out to me.

Giving her my number was a giant risk but I felt bad that I didn't get to hear what she had to say so I had to talk to her again.

She seemed so much more down to earth than my other fans. I could have conversations with Emma but everyone else would just want to take photos to show their friends. We didn't even take a single photo because we were too busy talking.

And overall I just felt sorry for her because she missed the show due to her panic attack.

Emma's P.O.V

"What happened?!" Hannah shouted as soon as I opened the car door.

"He gave me his number" I managed to say, I was still in shock. I sat in the car seat and closed the door behind me, then fastened my seat belt as my mum began to drive.

"He did what?!" she screamed.

"He gave me a piece of paper with his number on it" I laughed when reality hit me.

"He better be a good boy" My mum insisted.

I couldn't hear what they were saying to me after that. I opened Hunters piece of paper. He said it was just his number, but there was a lot of writing on it too- it read;

Dear Emma,
Today we met in a strange way but i'll never forget it:) I felt bad for leaving and not saying goodbye. I also want to know more about you, the thing you wanted to tell me. I would like to see you again but I don't see how it's possible because I live in America and you live in England. I'll miss you but i'll never forget.
P.s. if you ever feel sad or have a problem you can message me any time of the day.
Hit me up - 098-665-122
Hunter x

He's so sweet. I love that boy.

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