fourty three

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I know this sounds very weird but me, Hunter and Brandon were hanging out and acting like nothing happened between us. After all, Brandon was my best friend on tour and Hunter was my boyfriend.

"Brandon what are the odds of you going up to that girl and asking for her phone number?" Hunter asked.

"Bro, she's like 80" Brandon protested.

"Wimp" Hunter snapped.

"Fine" Brandon nervously agreed.

"3...2...1..." Hunter chuckled.

"2!" They both shouted at the same time. Me and Hunter both burst out laughing and Brandon was shaking his head in disappointment.

"Go on then" Hunter giggled. Brandon let out a huge huff and then got up from the table and walked towards the old woman.

I didn't watch him do it because I got a text from Blake so I was replying to it.

Blake: I didn't know you guys were talking again

Emma: I didn't know you had a girlfriend

I didn't want to cause drama but that is what I'm known for.

If Blake played me I just couldn't keep quiet.

Blake: Don't be mad, I'm sorry

I hated how he expected me not to be mad because he doesn't want me to be. If I wanna be mad I'm going to be mad.

Emma: Next time you want to play a girl and lead her on, do it with someone else

"Go, Go, Go!" Brandon shouted as he ran over to me and Hunter.

"Woah, bro what's going on?" Hunter asked.

"Her husband is threatening to beat me up!" he explained and ran out of the restaurant causing me and Hunter to burst out laughing.

"Isn't that child abuse?" Hunter chuckled. I wanted to have a good time like those two were but I was distracted by Blake.

Blake: We didn't kiss or anything, I don't see what the big deal is?

Emma: Don't see what the big deal is? You let me think that you really liked me and I really liked you

Blake: I didn't know I was doing that, I'm sorry. Please come back to the beach and we can go back to mine.

"Guys mom wants me and Brandon home now, she's gonna pick us up from the beach in ten minutes" Hunter told us.

"Damn" I complained.

"Are you gonna be okay being with Blake?" he asked.

"It'll be fine" I smiled. I didn't want to trouble Hunter after all the fun he's had today.

We made it back to the beach and the first thing I saw was Blake and Emily cuddling, it actually made my heart hurt.

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